Avast, Black Flag's seafaring open-world is the best Assassin's Creed yet

the scale of the sea was too disconcerting and a big disappointment for me. i like big emptiness and doing nothing in my games, mind you.

It was one of my favorite ACs (not that I am a AC fan). I can’t help you with naval combat, I played it several years ago at this point.

There was a fair amount of upgrading to do, so you do the usual thing of taking on little ships before you progress to the bigger fish. Picking your battles was important, and sometimes you’d have to drop a victim if another ship wanders in for its defence. Standard stuff really, try to get as many guns on them and manoeuvre so they can’t get theirs on you, etc. I think if their sails were shredded it was an easy board.

I really enjoyed the game, but as usual the narrative didn’t live up to the freewheeling exploration… ie, the whole Montreal meta-studio part didn’t come into play much. Diving was cool.

Still my favourite AC game! Loved it and did a pretty completionist run through. The graphics probably look a bit dated these days, but it sure was fun!

I was so confused. I thought Skull & Bones got renamed to Avast and suddenly was the best pirate and AC game ever and didn’t even realize it came out yet - then saw replies from 2013.

Its the AC game that I’ve play ed, that had the best story, and some of the best characters, and, weirdly, most emotionel moments for me. The ending hits me really hard, whenever I watch the ending song credits - so great!

Instead of playing Tortuga I started this instead. My first AC game since the one in Italy (AC2?).

The graphics are dated but not bad. The controls are wonky to the point where I climb way too many buildings when I just want to go that way.

The setting, though. I like that part. It’s early for me (I’m just in Havana) and I can’t imagine finishing this. But maybe I’m wrong.

Nearly all the AC games are available on the PS Plus upgrade that cost me like $11 bucks. So I’ll play this until I’m bored and then try Unity maybe?

I just can’t get the hang of the piracy. Which is basically what I’m here for. I lose every battle.

Odyssey also has plenty of sea battles, albeit a few millennia earlier.

How odd. I assume you’re only trying to engage crappier ships than yours, yes?

It takes a little while to get a hang of the sea battles but once figured out they are fun. This feels a bit long and repetitive, I guess like all Assassin’s Creed games, but I’m hooked enough to want to get through the story.

And the game itself looks pretty good for 10 years old. I fired up Origins and think in some ways it looks worse than Black Flag.