Avatar: James Cameron's Ostensibly Revolutionary Spacey 3D Cinematic D&D Campaign


Really? This is news to me, do they have anything that backs up this claim? (about Europeans being less accepting of black stars, not Will Smith's worldwide statistics)


By that rationale the film shouldn't even have been made. You know the ending walking in. At the very least, showing the struggle the Leonopteryx would have given Cameron a chance to show that it was very difficult for Jake to do what only a handful of Na'vi have ever done in the history of their species. As it stands, it's practically comedic the way it plays out.

If you want to read it in a more sinister tone, the white guy uses his brainpower to exploit the simple natives' superstitious natures by taking advantage of a cultural myth to influence their actions and likelihood of bending to his will. Jake uses what was shared with him in a bond of trust to manipulate an entire species to do what he personally thinks is right, primarily because humans make him all sad and alienated now. But humans in Avatar don't have a magic bird you can bring them and convince them you're the Ultimate Badass Whose Will Be Done.

I found the entire plot point to be a misstep, and one of the best pieces of evidence for the Mighty Whitey reading of the film.


Not really. Here in Spain (a country with very few black people) Will Smith, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington are considered as very big Hollywood stars.

edit: oh yeah, and motherfucking Samuel L. Jackson :P.


Mighty Whitey? He is just the MAIN CHARACTER. It's just typical Mary sueism in the main character of the story: He is a natural leader, has a romance interest, he is a great warrior, etc.


I don't know about other countries, but in Germany, Will Smith is insanely popular. His movies usually jump straight to the top spot the way they do it in the US. In terms of marketshare, his movies probably perform the same way here.

I have no doubt, however, that movies that are aiming at Afro-American viewers don't do as well. Not because of racism, but because they're not really culturally resonating. We've had a thread here debating about how Tyler Perry movies don't really seem to appeal to 'white people', whereas 'black people' tend to find them hilarious.

While we have people from all over the world living in Europe, but it's all very fragmented. And those who are of African heritage don't necessarily know or like the people who are really popular in the African-American community.

I'm not saying that racism and psychology might not be a factor here and there, but I think saying "less accepting of black stars" is kind of framing it the wrong way because some of them simply are not stars over here. Might as well say that the US audience is less accepting of European movie stars.


Naeblis just beat all media criticism. Take that!


Hey. Occam's razor.

(with even more reason in the case of Avatar).


Spanish soccer fans also periodically make monkey noises at black players. There's a reason FARE exists.


You realize that "she's just the MAIN CHARACTER" is the standard response to "wow, that character is a total Mary Sue", right?


...and now he has won every debate in history!



I am not saying the "MARY SUE" stereotype in fiction is not bad. I am saying the explanation is just a typical case of mary sue, instead of being a veiled case of racism / Mighty White.


That will show you how people are hipocryte and/or it's not real racism, the people making monkey noises will go to see the last blockbuster movie of Will Smith the next day.

Also, spanish soccer fans will insult black players... and white players, and tall players, and short players, and ugly players, and bald players, and also the player's mom. The last case being the most frequently occurring.


You just linked something that starts with a quote from an article called "When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like 'Avatar'?".
Just saying.


Fox plans to release three different DVD/Blu-Ray versions of Avatar.

The first retail release of Avatar will perhaps appropriately land on Earth Day -- April 22. The film will be released in the U.S. and Canada in minimalist Blu-ray and DVD forms, according to Reuters.

Unfortunately for Avatar fans, the film will have no special features. That's right; there will be no deleted scenes, no trailers and no behind-the-scenes footage bundled with the top release.

Fans wanting to get that will have to wait for the "Ultimate" edition, which will come in November, just in time for the holiday season. Those hoping to view the movie in 3-D will have to wait even longer, until a third release, which is tentatively planned for next year.


Fuck James Cameron.


Wow. Even the greediest people in Hollywood are reading that article and thinking "Damn...that's fucking greedy."


Just sayin' that Avatar is an excellent example of that trope? Why yes, it is!


Trailer is out for the sequel!!


Thought it was real until the whale. There was no salt water on Pandora.


That was a whole lot of effort for something so unfunny.