Avatar: James Cameron's Ostensibly Revolutionary Spacey 3D Cinematic D&D Campaign


God I hope they don’t make a sequel.


I would guess a trilogy is inevitable.


I wonder if there ever will be a director who will use 3D in a way, that is integral to the experience. And I don’t mean some action blockbuster… but we don’t have directors like Kubrick, Goddard, Truffaut, Lean, Lynch, Scorsese, Coppola or Lucas anymore… (they had their time, they are not 3D guys… ), I guess you need some talent who is willing to sacrifice his life to make a 3D movie… established directors don’t have the passion (I hope they prove me wrong).

I think we will get great, serious 3D movies if 3D stays and people will grow up with it, agreed?


One of these guys doesn’t belong, one of these guys stand out.


Lucas was a great director until he made Star Wars ( the first one was a valid, cinematic experience)… then he stopped to be relevant (sigh)… THX 1138 was like Star Wars without the bad


to elaborate a bit. I think there is no living director who can make a great, true 3D movie… I believe you have to grow up with that tech to make something really great. Or you have to be young and hungry and spend many years to get a great movie with 3D…

main difference between 2D and 3D is that you are basically looking into a box (with 3D), and that the people/things in that box look a bit flat. Like a diorama. Instead of bigger than life you get a feeling for something smaller than life… (I deduce this by 1 viewing of Avatar in digital 3D :-) maybe there are other movies out with better 3D… everything feels cramped into that box… (when the camera is not moving). Maybe, just suggesting, maybe the camera needs to be moving without a break, maybe that is what 3D is asking for.


I think My Bloody Valentine is the perfect 3D movie: it has pick-axes, and they burst through heads towards the audience. I hear Neil Marshall is planning a 3D movie called “Burst”. It seems like it could similarly fulfill the potential of the medium.

3D’s a gimmick, and the sooner people stop obsessing over it the better.


Peter Greenaway’s Prosperos Books would have been great in 3D, because it was made like a diorama, multi-layered, and what not… would be great to have a movie like that in 3D. Would not be a gimmick (even Avatar had some nature still lifes which were great)…


I call shenanigans. THX 1138 was like every bullshit student film I had to sit through in college.
I’ll give it that it is shot well, and the soundtrack/sound scape is outstanding.

American Graffiti is even worse. I’ve never been able to sit through the whole film in one sitting.

Star Wars? Go watch the behind the scene’s disc that came out with the last box set. Lucas was so over his head that they had to bring in a team of editors to fix his mess. They show some of his original edit…1950 Buck Rogers bad.

He is not a good director. His is a great visionary, technologist and marketer tho. His single handed advancements for the industry rival anyone involved in film the past 100 years. From THX/skywalker sound, to forcing 75mm/Digital into the mainstream, and ILM. Huge contributions.


THX 1138 was like every bullshit student film I had to sit through in college.

you have no heart, man…


I suggest that if you feel like 3D films are “looking into a box” you are sitting too far from the screen.


maybe, will check out some other 3D films… personally, I hope that 3D will not go away, so that someday some talented director will blow us away with his vision…


Yeah, this is an odd criticism. I’ve seen it pop up a lot lately.


I said this a few pages back and at the risk of sounding like a broken record I’m going to say it again…

How to Train Your Dragon. Mother-effing How to Train Your Dragon!


“Everything we know about you guys is wrong.”


I read that… :-) I was going to see it this weekend, but we are going on a trip to Italy… will see it sometime later (hopefully)… am I the only one who thinks that 3D has to be handled totally different than 2D… imagine Mona Lisa in 3D… does not make any sense. Maybe 3D is important to cinema (like switching from black and white to color)…


You mean sculpture?


yes, sculpture is totally different. It is not like you take Mona Lisa, make it a sculpture and than you have great art or even the same expression/experience…


something like this in 3D could be beautiful to experience…


From all of the 3D films I have seen, to me, the ones filmed with the special 3D cameras and/or created with 3D in mind from the start are far superior to films shot traditionally and then passed through that 3D-ifying post-processing.


i’ve seen better demos from the pc demo scene :)