Avatar: James Cameron's Ostensibly Revolutionary Spacey 3D Cinematic D&D Campaign


This I agree with.


Considering he didn't direct anything for over 20 years after Star Wars, I don't really see what the point of the statement is. He certainly did not cease to be relevant to the film industry or filmmaking, though. Even taking the prequels into account, he has never been irrelevant. He has routinely changed film, for good or ill, throughout the last 30+ years.


Holy hell, how far away is Europe?


Uhhhh, so I guess we're getting a 3D Titanic after all.


Why? Unless he's planning to reshoot the entire film using new technology, passing it through the 2D-to-3D process is going to make it look worse, just like every other film that does that. It wasn't filmed in 3D or with 3D in mind. What benefit could you possibly get from rendering that movie in 3D other than another run at the box office and bilking people for an extra $3 while you are at it?


Prague to Atlanta ain't just across the street.

Rhetorical, or...?





I think the better question is, Holy hell, how good is the battery life of the iPad?


Newer planes have power outlets and USB port to charge your laptop and portable devices.


all that fine tech and aircraft evolution for what? To watch Avatar 3 times on a flight ... poor human race, maybe it is time to wave goodbye...


saw it yesterday with my son and loved it (altough there is the danger that the movie appears to better than it actually is, because of -> movies you watch with your kids become better movies).

Seriously, How To Train Your Dragon is a better movie than Avatar, not only because of the great 3D effects, but also because of the less predictable script... and it was really amazing to see that the boy XXXXXXXXXXSPOILERxxxxxxx (in a kids movie). I thought that was a really great detail. The kids in the audience were stunned/shocked to learn that XXXXXXXXXXSPOILERxxxxxxx (some "R" rated movies should take a close look..)

If a movie is great, 3D does not hurt the experience... and HTTYD was a great movie with 3D... 3D is okay for action-packed event movies, but would it be out of place in a movie like The Messenger?

The Fall could be great in 3D, I would not mind to see it in 3D...


Hustler to the rescue!


And for the 3 of you who missed it the first time, Avatar is coming out for re-release with 8 new minutes of footage. It'll be in theaters August 27th.

Oh, and for those who were predicting doom and gloom for this movie some time ago...suck it!!! Suck it hard! And swallow!!!! :)


The 3D version of Avatar will be released next year.


Yes, hooray for the unrelenting tide of mediocrity in entertainment and our unified acceptance of it!


That ship sailed a few millenia ago...


Don't quit your day job to become a prognosticator. Though I think it's admirable how you try to stick to your preconceived notions.


Why would I watch Avatar again when I'd already seen the same story three times in three different settings* before I ever saw it once? I really wish somebody had told me I could watch Kevin Costner or Disney animation on my couch rather than spend four extra dollars to see a movie in 3D I could only half-perceive.

Apparently I really dislike Avatar. My opinion seems to have progressively soured from the moment I left the theater.

*[I]Pocahontas, Dances with Wolves, Fern Gully.



What do my entirely accurate comments about Where The Wild Things Are have to do with how terrible a film Avatar turned out to be?


It sucks that they're making us all go see this again.