Avatar: James Cameron's Ostensibly Revolutionary Spacey 3D Cinematic D&D Campaign


Meh, glorifed Tech-Demo is what this is.


Yeah! Buncha fascists!


So, what's it running up against on the release calendar, anyway? Let's see...

Heist flick (Takers) with Australian screen legend Paul Walker, romcom (Going the Distance) with Drew Barrymore, low-budget horror (The Last Exorcism) produced by Eli Roth, and Dominic West picking up the sword again for some shaky-cam Roman/Pict bloodshed in the hills of Scotland (Centurion).

It should do all right, then.


If there's gonna be blue people, I'd rather see McNulty dismember them than Sam Worthington fuck them.


Just noticed that Avatar is being re-released this Friday. Would you guys recommend seeing it in 3D if I missed it the first go around? I've already seen it in regular ole 2D.




I would recommend finding a better way to spend three hours of your life. Avatar has already taken enough time out of it.


yes, we know you didn't like it, move on :)


Find a theater playing Scott Pilgrim instead.


You first. I mean really, how much money are people willing to throw at this thing? How anyone can hate the Star Wars prequels and then praise this is one for the ages.


3D is the only reason to see it. So if you can stand the socalled story again, then by all means... but twice? There's so many other films to catch up with.


Et tu, MattK?

Happily, though, you've just solved the problem I've been having trying to figure out what the hell to do with this week's 3x3! And for that, I thank you.



To be fair, it isn't the originality of the plot, or the sparkling dialog that made the original Star Wars so great. It had some good lines, but it's more than just the sum of its parts. I'm not saying Avatar is Star Wars, but it's hardly the prequels...



Avatar is the technological masturbation of the prequels taken to the logical extreme, drained of any attempt at artistry, humor or ambition. Cameron may as well have installed a fleshlight in a rack computer, perpetually kept warm by the feverishly rendering CPUs. Lucas was ham-fisted and tone deaf, but he at least had ambition. Cameron is just a hack, content to recycle dated tropes and spewed ignorant politics.


This is grossly understating the badness of the Star Wars prequels. Avatar was fairly mediocre, particularly for the guy who pulled off things like Aliens. However, it did not have a Jar Jar character, a 9 year old central character chosen for looks rather than acting ability, or a main enemy ship-threat destroyed by a 9 year old by accident. Avatar may have be bland, overhyped, and over-focused on the special effects, but there was nothing truly hideous about it, as there was about each of the three Star Wars prequels.


I'd rather watch Indy 4 again than see Avatar again.


I'd rather watch Avatar...in 2D...than see Indy 4 again.


"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."


I'm going to see it again, I liked it :D