Avatar: James Cameron's Ostensibly Revolutionary Spacey 3D Cinematic D&D Campaign


He's very awkward now.


They were well done, but I was not blown away. I've seen things that made me go "wow" in regular IMAX documentaries, but Avatar was, and I suppose you'll find this mind-blowing-ly impossible, pretty ordinary as far as I was concerned.

I didn't realize Avatar was a demo reel with a plot. I thought it was supposed to be a movie. My mistake.


Yeah, a lot of people made that same mistake. :)


Wow, it's like all the hate towards TPM crushed Jake Lloyd.


If only I had known! I could have gone to see it in IMAX with my MP3 player and just listened to classical music the whole time. Then I might have come away satisfied. ;)

Yeah, I never really had a problem with his performance*, and I definitely preferred him to Hayden Christensen, so I actually feel sorry for the guy.

*I was about his age when I saw the movie for the first time and since then I've concluded that he's not the biggest problem with the movie.


Get off my lawn.


I'd like to see a convincing argument for why he is the biggest problem and not, say, the screenplay.

::edit:: I prefer the original versions of Episode IV-VI over the Special Edition (and the 2004 re-release that replaced Sebastian Shaw, to my horror), if that is any consolation/further evidence that I am not a young whippersnapper who doesn't know good from bad. ;)


This! Indy 4 <shudder> I understand why Avatar may not be some peoples favorite move, but I don't understand all the Avatar hate.


Allow me to be a little more clear...

...you kids get the hell off my lawn!


You just wait, you meanie! I'll come back with a rock, and then you'll be sorry! ::skedaddles::


So, basically the same.

He had no business being in a movie.


James Cameron showed up at CinemaCon to announce that there will be four - not three as previously announced - Avatar sequels.

Avatar 2 is coming December 2018. Avatar 3 in December 2020, 4 is 2022, and the finale pop out in 2023.


Well when you have as much money as he does I guess you can indulge yourself however you want.


But no indulgence on typefaces for your logo. Papyrus is good enough.


I thought Avatar was a shit movie. I don’t know why we need 4 more.


OOOOK. I’ll give all the credit for the impressive tech the movie showed and one of the very few movies I actually liked the 3D. But man the story was so dull, generic, and predictable. Fox is taking a real big gamble here.


And I’m baffled that the thing he’d want to indulge himself in would be four more Avatar movies. Does he really love that universe that much?


Is he committed to directing them all, or will he direct maybe one more and hand the rest off to others while he rakes in the sweet exec producer bucks?


I still love the Avatar movie. It was remarkable to watch, visually. I think I lost most of my excitement though. It will be almost 10 years from the original when that sequel releases. That’s a lot of time to keep people interested… still super excited about Avatar Land though.


I’d be more interested if it had Sokka and Iroh (and not M. Night Shamalamawhoever)


How much money are they putting into the sequels? Because I really don’t see it as a gamble at all. Avatar made billions. Avatar 2 will likely also make billions, and even if it doesn’t it will still be extremely profitable. With the amount of money they’ll make off the first two alone I’m not sure I can even come up with a way that Fox loses money on this deal—even if the last three films flop (which they won’t).