Avatar: The Last Airbender Live Action Movie - What a Twist!

So Avatar: The Last Airbender is being adapted for the big screen in live-action form for a 2010 release. Only it’s being directed by M. Night Shyamalan. WHAT A TWIST!

I just hope he doesn’t ruin it with needless plot twists or by insisting on inserting himself into the narrative somehow.

The cynic in me thinks that no way can they do the animated world justice in live-action. Short of filming it in actual China and having a mega-LOTR-budget the kind these sort of TV adaptations never get.

Shyamalan’s directing will be the least of this project’s worries. I’ll watch this with cautious inquisitiveness.

M Night is a fine director. He should just not be allowed to direct scripts he has written.

Agreed. I’ve long thought that if M.'s ego could be reigned in enough to where he was ok with directing other people’s screenplays, he could still be a solid filmmaker.

Rest assured, M. Night will inject himself into the movie as a bald, Indian sage sitting under a tree, gazing upon his reflection in the lake, who teaches Aang a philosophy suspiciously a lot like Buddhism.

I hope Aang is played by Orlando Bloom.

Aang is supposed to be 12-13.

Burt Reynolds would be a better fit.

No, Aang is supposed to be a foreigner, so you need to have an English person playing him.

Maybe Daniel Radcliffe? He needs something now that Harry Potter is coming to a close.

I’d rather have M. Night Shyamalan than some random joker for it…

Shyamalan can kill two birds with one stone by casting himself as the lead.

  • Alan

Just as long as they don’t get Hayden Christiansen to play Zuko

Actually, Dante Basco already voices Zuko, but IMO could also play him live action. Remember, he was Rufio in Hook!

Japanese culture? Has Shaylaman watched the cartoons before?

Waterbenders could really mess up those aliens from Signs.

A classroom full of fourth graders could really mess up those aliens from Signs. Water fight!


Trailer is up. I love this show, arguably the best modern kid’s show-heres hoping Shamalamadingdong doesn’t screw this up.

It reminds me of The Star Wars Kid. Not impressed. And I loved the show too.

There is absolutely no way they make this good.

I don’t like how minor Zuko’s scarring is. It really should be more deforming, not just the “oops, I spilled my tea one day” look they went with. Also his hair is godawful.

Have to say, though, I think Sokka may have been perfectly cast.

This film was going to be filmed entirely in Reading, PA where I live but they couldn’t come up with enough interior locations to meet their needs.

However… they’ve done a lot of filming here including using the famed Pagoda overlooking the city as a major landmark in the movie (that will be digitally altered). They also flimed at Lake Ontelaunee and will film at one other spot that escapes me.