Avatar: The Last Airbender - Surprisngly good animiated series

Damn you they and your depictions!

Has the new season started yet?

No, and Nickelodeon is being cagey about when it’s going to start. Hopefully soon.

Ha, I just saw this thread.

Ok now I don’t feel bad sitting with my 9 year old and watching and analyzing the show.

It really is good - the story is quite compelling.

I just pretend they’re all your relatives.

My 7 year old son and 3 year old daughter love this show, and I’ll admit they got me hooked. The episodes are so well written and produced that I’ll even watch repeats. I always laugh at some point in every episode, and the characters are way more complex than in most kids shows, making it more compelling for adults.

My favorite so far is the episode where they are trapped in the caves with the minstral who sounds like a bad Bill Murray impersonator. Awesome stuff.

Update for Avatar fans - new season starts September 21st. A high resolution trailer is available here: http://www.avatarspirit.net/index.php#444 and it looks incredible.

For those who haven’t checked out this series, it has a bit of “kiddie-ness” in it, but it pretty quickly becomes a really amazing fantasy martial-arts epic, especially in the second season. I highly recommend it.

I like the short story episode(s). They can tell great little stories and flesh out the characters even more. I may have even shed a tear or two on the short story and dedication when Mako died.

My kids and I are eagerly awaiting the new season!

EDIT: Just saw the trailer. Looks fucking awesome. I’m going to have to convert more friends to Avatar.

Dammit forgot to record tonights, but it looks like it’s on tomorrow too. So yeah, season 3 has started.

Damn. I watched this a lot, before college. Now I don’t really have time.

Hopefully a good streaming version.

Turn undead!

Didn’t like the episode, or what?

After watching the season premiere, I dub this season “Book 3: Emo.”

A hero has to fall to grow.

Avatar is awesome. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode to record so the kids and I can watch it tomorrow morning together. It’s about the only good cartoon my kids and I both watch together anymore now that JLU and the other DC one are gone.

Does anyone know when it repeats during the week? I know they show friday’s episode saturday afternoon, but it was off yesterday for the day of play.

I’d like to know too, as my DVR fecked up and didn’t record it.

Finally have Seasons 1 & 2 ready for viewing with my 11-yr-old daughter later, or perhaps I’ll roate it into our Eerie, Indiana and Scryed weekend routine.

Well, we’re finally getting some action sequences. The sword training and fight were fun and who wouldn’t want a METEORITE Sword! Sakka just leveled up!

And I can’t wait for the return of Uncle.

Still no uncle… sigh. Wanna hear the replacement Mako voice.

This episode was one of the most boring of all 3 seasons thus far. They need to move the plot along now. If you thought “Season 3: Emo” before, it hit a peak. Need more episodes written by Brian and Aaron (head writers). Not Katie or whoever did last night’s.

But even with the lackluster season 3 so far, the first two seasons really are worth it - it’ll pick up once they are back on the main plot. It is like an RPG and right now they are doing side-quests…

It was a pretty weird episode, yeah. I don’t think the season is lackluster this far, though, I’m still enjoying every episode. Sokka’s Master, in particular, was a great one.