Aven Colony - off-world city builder

Announcement Trailer - https://youtu.be/BQtufVP10zI

Honestly, this seems like a neat game for those that enjoy stuff like the old Colony game? Or Anno and the like. Not completely my cup of tea, but I like what the trailer is showing, so it may be worth checking out.

I will dub this Actual Real Planetbase.

I, for one, am just glad that our videogames have advanced to the point where graphics rival those of CGI cutscenes. . . circa 1999!


I still hold out hopes for the “perfect” game of exactly this type. Anno Futurenumber might be it, but the Anno games just never interested me before, so I never gave it a shot. But this looks neat!


I was thinking the same thing!


(walks away while shaking his head and muttering about kids these days)

I’ve never played Outpost. I’ve played Planetbase.


Nobody has. It was completely unplayable at launch.



There’s a stream of this happening right now. Looks like a beefed up Planetbase x100.

The lead dev is present also.


Edit: I had no idea it would embed and I can’t figure out how to just make it a link, I’m trying.

Edit edit: Just copy and paste it I guess.

Edit edit edit: It’s over.

Thanks for the kind words!

I’m on the dev team.

Here’s our media coverage so far; this links to some previews and livestreams where you can see the game in action: http://avencolony.com/community/main-forum/media-coverage-list/

This looks awesome, and I love that they name-drop Offworld Trading Company in the FAQ entry about their approach to the beta process. But then there’s this:

Bolding mine. Gah. And it looks like the beta is very much a beta:

[quote]* Not all of the game’s campaign and sandbox missions are implemented yet

  • Not all of the game’s buildings have been completed or integrated into the game yet; we can guarantee that the final game will have more buildings than the beta
  • Some features (such as the sandworm’s attack, the “plague spores,” the Defensive Turret, and the Lightning Tower), are not yet in the game and will be added during beta
  • There are a handful of missing UI elements
  • The game will be polished and optimized further during the beta[/quote]

So no one bump this thread until the game is out in 2017, okay?


Retails for $30, beta is a buy-in pre-order for $25 on Sept. 7th.

Whoops I bumped, my bad.

This looks pretty amazing. Gonna have to follow this game.

For those interested, here’s a first look series I just kicked off.

This is not going to be a long one; purely introductory / first-peeky in nature. Episodes will air daily at 3p ET until the beta launches on Sep 7

[Edit: As Knightsaber mentioned, this will be a paid beta] on itch.io, not sure about paid beta on Steam based on what devs forwarded to me.

Vanaar Landing | Aven Colony | Beta Build First Look & Impressions

(And yes… actual real Planetbase is accurate)


If you buy in to the beta on itch.io you do not get a Steam key on release, so I’ll be holding off on this one.

Perhaps there’ll be a Steam beta separately? I was provided a Steam key to record my footage.

I’ll post any updates if I get them.


That seems odd, but the FAQ says no beta -> retail Steam keys.

Edit: To be more specific: http://avencolony.com/aven-colony-faq/

If I get on the beta, does that get me a Steam key?

No, itch.io is separate from Steam. If you can only play through
Steam, it’s best to wait for the full launch — which will definitely
include Steam! — in early 2017.

Maybe they’re using Steam as a distribution platform for press / content creators / streamers, but want to use a single platform for the beta (as opposed to effectively running more than one beta at once).

Seems a strange move given Steam’s appeal, but not entirely devoid of reason.


That looks incredible!!!

I am now livestreaming this:

It’s the desert mining colony scenario. Must remember to stay hydrated.