Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

And the Scarlet Witch, Ultron’s nemesis, is also appearing.

But that’s kind of a good thing right? Or at least this is how I view it. James Spader has a kind of creepiness to him that a sentient AI would have. I don’t know a huge amount of the mythology behind Ultron, but just based off of the images, he doesn’t really have a face so we won’t likely see Spader. If you’ve watched him in the Office, you kind of have a grasp at how weirdly he handles comedy but his voice is kinda cool.

I’m with you on this one. Spader is a pretty interesting choice and I could definitely see it working well. And you’re right, we probably won’t see much, if any, of Spader’s face in the flick.

Better casting decision than Batleck, anyway.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I agree. It’s more like a what the hell? kind of thing. Granted I don’t know a whole lot about Ultron, but my understanding is that he’s a giant super-powerful robot and all I’m saying is, when I think those words James Spader is not necessarily the first person I think of. But yeah, I’ve seen him in a ton of stuff for what feels like all my life, and I really like the guy. I’m keeping an open mind.

Paul Bettany was playing Jarvis / a whole buttload of Iron Man armors, and he didn’t show up all that much on screen, did he?
Because unless things change a whole lot from what they are in the comics, Ultron will be CGI / whatever they use to make Iron Man.

Paul Bettany didn’t show up onscreen at all, he just voiced Jarvis. But what I’m seeing reported isn’t that Spader is voicing Ultron but has been cast as Ultron. I don’t know, maybe that’s splitting hairs. I guess it would make sense that Ultron would be CG.

Except that Whedon has said this will be a more “human” Ultron, so he may not be CG at all. We could get Spader as a Borg-like hybrid using prostheses. Too soon to say for sure.

I had to read that twice. The first time, it seemed like you were proposing borgifying Spader by using prostitutes. And I can say for sure that I would watch that movie.

“It’s like Voltron, man. The more you can hook up, the better it gets.”

And it still wouldn’t be the weirdest movie Spader did.

I’ve seen the quotes you’re talking about, and they could be interpreted as saying Ultron is emotionally quite human, since Joss talks about Ultron being “angry” and “unhappy.” I really don’t know if he’s said much about what Ultron will actually look like.

The mind, it boggles.

Mocap is whar Hollywood is about these days. Likely he will be providing the performance and the voice but what we see will still be CG.

This is the greatest news. James Spader is one of my favorite weirdos of all time, and I love him even in terrible movies.

Ultron is a robot. James Spader is a good actor but nowadays he looks like a potato. I doubt highly he’s going to physically be Ultron on screen.

James Spader, Robot Potato.

That sounds right up his alley, actually.

Ultron can look like anything these days. The last time I read an Ultron arc (a few years ago), Ultron possessed iron man’s armor (with Tony Stark inside) then reshaped it to look like Ulton’s “mother,” Janet Pym.

It doesn’t need to look robotic at all, though its behavior would probably still be a bit…odd.

Robotato rolls off the tongue more pleasingly.

Or Rotato. He can turn on a dime!