Avengers 3: Infinity War


If Winds of Winter actually comes out next year, I’ll be in middle-aged nerd heaven.


Funny that you don’t respond in any substantive way to my critique of your opinion. No one said you can’t or shouldn’t have an opinion so that is a straw man. My point is that it is not well reasoned and supported by very little evidence. But you are entirely entitled to it.


Civil War and the other Avengers movies have already shown Marvel’s hand on how to handle ensemble superhero movie: they expect you to have watched at least some if not all the previous MCU movies involving those heroes. They won’t be bogged down doing exposition/summary of what happened to this or that character last time around. Then they move on giving those heroes cool moments, hoping the whole is greater than sums of its parts. Civil War and Avengers 1 worked. Avengers 2 choked a little. So I think it is still an open question whether they can do it again with Avengers 3.


He’s not really the baddest bad that’'s ever been bad (well, just for the sake of being bad, anyway). Ultimately he pursues power to serve his own ends, it’s just those ends tend to result in lots of death and destruction in the service of courting his love - Death (who is incarnate in the Marvel-verse)

In terms of power scale in the Marvel-verse, he is up there though. He’s fought Odin to standstill.


Well thanks dude, your validation means so much to me.


At some point in either this movie or the next, Cap is going to shout “Avengers Assemble!” and my kids will mock me for crying.


He’s pretty much more powerful than anybody but the cosmic beings (Elders, abstract beings), isn’t he? And it’s kind of hard to characterize them as villains, per se.

I guess Galactus is on a tier above him.


This is the feeling I’m getting from the trailer. Avengers 3 will end dark. Avengers 4 will be about coming back, but we’ll lose some of the mainstay heroes who’s contracts are ending - Iron Man, Captain America, ScarJo, Banner and Hawkeye. Maybe Thor, too, but I’m not sure.

How we “lose” them is unknown. Gonna guess a combination of death and retirement/flying off to another planet/galaxy.

That’ll leave us with Spider-Man, Black Panther, (EDIT) Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ant Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy as headliners for Phase 4, plus whatever is in development right now.


Good. The movies are long enough already without re-establishing over a dozen characters. I liked the way Civil War hit the ground running.


Captain Marvel I think you mean, Miss Marvel is a different character. Would be cool if she showed up though, she’s apparently one of the best new heroes Marvel has made in quite a few years…


You are right, my bad, will edit!


Yes, with the caveat that the current Guardians only have one more movie, supposedly. There’s talk of having a new set of Guardians based around Stallone’s crew (many of whom were the original GotG in the comics?) after they’re done.


I wonder if the infamous Thanos Snap (below) is the literal last image of this movie, and serves as the first “holy shit” cliffhanger ending for the Marvel franchise. Then Avengers 4 wraps up/reboots the universe for Phase 4 (some speculation of Secret Invasion, based on Captain Marvel being set in the '90s and potentially adding Kree/Skrull stuff).


I know I tend to think of Galactus as the baddest of the bad, but I haven’t read the comics since the 90s, so who knows what has changed since then.


Thanos+glove is probably only out powered by Beyonders and the Living Tribunal. Not even Galactus is erasing half the universe from existence as Iove gift.


The real answer is, “characters are as powerful as the writer needs them to be.”

Exhibit A: Doctor Doom’s brief run as God Doom where he rips Thanos apart.


Well, it is Doom. Doom is also up there in the Power ranking. :D


Especially that particular Doom, who was an actual god at the time.


You guys shouldn’t ruin this movie by going all comic book geeky. :)


But it’s the only thing I can speak authoritatively about around here!