Avengers 3: Infinity War


I said god_doom_.


LOL, that idiom gets used in the actual story too.


But it should be “Doom-damn!”


Doom Doom-it you guys, your dooming the doom out of me.


Release date now one week earlier. Infinity War is next month!


Huh, wonder if there was too much heat in May with Deadpool 2 and Solo…


If it sucks the air out of the room on those two movies, that ultimately hurts Disney. Probably helping them rather than concerned about Avengers. One week is a lot of spending shifted.


Also, don’t they usually push movies further out, instead of moving them closer?

Anyway, I’m stoked.


That’s usually the case, yes. It’s obviously in the can ready to go and the sooner they release it the better to avoid leaks of major plot points also. I think it’s a great move.

Also, seeing how well Black Panther did in February probably proved that when they release a movie doesn’t really matter too much with Marvel films as the quality is propelling people to go see them. Keep making great movies, keep making lots of money.


I saw speculation that this was just to compromise on a single global release date. Originally it was May 4 in the US, but April 25 in many other countries.

Making them all the same day will make for a big global opening weekend they can show off, and maybe also helps prevent spoilers online from ruining things as quickly as they might otherwise with a staggered release.



Black Panther - Marvel's Wakandan Avenger

Fuuuuuuuck yesssss


Important lesson here. Remember to wash your vibranium suits separately or they’ll ruin the rest of your laundry.




And Bucky is sporting a vibranium arm now?


Safe to assume given the end of Black Panther.


Do you think Bucky’s M249 has vibranium bullets? Or is he crazy enough to go into a fight against Thanos with an LMG?

Also why is Thanos attacking Wakanda? Do they have the Soul Stone?


Find out the answers to these and other questions once Avengers 3 opens. Don’t miss it true believers!


I love that visual.


This is purely speculation based on comics and what I know of Infinity War’s characters, but (spoilering the whole thing just to be sure)

Given that Thanos’s generals are going to be in the movie, it makes me think they are creating a mashed-together adaption of not only Infinity Gauntlet but also the Infinity storyline from a few years ago (which had nothing to do with the gems). In that storyline, Thanos leads a multi-pronged attack all across Earth, including an assault on Wakanda. Possible that in the MCU, Wakanda is sitting on a Stone, and Thanos sends one of his mooks to get it. That or he has an interest in the vibranium, but that would feel a little derivative of Age of Ultron.