Avengers: Endgame (2019)


Yeah. Pretty sure he explains it when he’s talking to Pepper near the start of the movie.


Why is Iron Man alone on a derelict ship? Wasn’t he with others on Titan at the end of Infinity War?




I think there’s a scene later of nebula in that ship. I am likely to be completely wrong.


Peter Parker.


He and Nebula were alone on Titan. There’s a shot in the new trailer that looks like it could be Nebula and Tony together on the ship, but might be someone else, and who knows when it’s occurring.


Looked like Nebula to me.


Only on rewatch did I notice the giant Thanos face in the stars at 0:39.


Not sure I’m seeing it.


You are not alone.


It’s probably just compression artifacts and my imagination. (Or it might be totally real like the ego the living planet faces in GOTG2, we’ll have to wait and see.)


It’s briefly explained at the beginning of Infinity Wars. Pepper isn’t pleased with him installing it again, and she points it out.


In general there is some silly continuity stuff with iron man. I think it was at the end of iron man 2 or 3 where he made a big deal of destroying all his suits, and then Age of Ultron came around (or whatever marvel released next?) and all the suits were back.

It’s not that he couldn’t rebuild them in the fiction of the movies of course, but rather that the movie didn’t comment on the decision at all. It was a complete reverse course of an extremely emotional and pivotal character moment and the movies just brushed it off.

I know comic books undo stuff and reset timelines all the time, but I’d think they’d at least try to address these things if only with a few lines of dialog.


Wonder how much of the trailer is actually going to be in the movie. :D


One of the odder things I’ve seen - and this includes two years of the Trump presidency - is grown-up, knowledgeable, hard-core comics fans elsewhere on the Internet claiming that the facts that there’s a Spider-man movie scheduled for next year or that Ant-man shows up in this trailer are “spoilers” that “ruin” things.

No one over seven should be surprised that Marvel hasn’t permanently killed off their most popular character. Nor should anyone who’s ever read any serial fiction be surprised that when a minor character who vanished with an attention-getting cliffhanger returns later on.

I will just go ahead and further spoil everyone’s fun by saying that they’re not gonna kill Tony off by having him die of oxygen deprivation out in space. Or if they do, he’ll get better.


He’s only mostly dead.


The fact that Ant-man is alive should surprise no one. He didn’t get snapped and it shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise that for their next visit to the quantum realm Pym and Co have worked out a way to come back from the ship thingee.

ie I agree with you!


It’s also comic books which has some of the same fancy plots that Soaps do which means even dead doesn’t mean dead.


I kind a see it, if thats deliberate I would be surprised.


Very short.