Avengers: Endgame (2019)


Yeah, what Armando said. I am interested in Avengers: Endgame. I just don’t want endless clickbait bullshit of spoilers that just (probably didn’t) dropped and stupid theories from dudes who never moved out of their parents’ basements. Just actual news about the actual movie, which, since we’re jet over two months out, probably isn’t much- maybe a new trailer at some point?


You can also click that menu and block shitty specific websites? Anyways, that’s a bummer, sorry.


YouTube? Reddit? Meh. It isn’t a huge deal, just annoying. Glad to have some company in my misery, anyway. Thanks folks.


I feel like there should be a longer one, especially after Cpt Marvel is done.


Just wait till whatever happens in Captain Marvel end credits occurs.

I have no knowledge of this. I am assuming that there will be end game related teasers in Captain Marvel.


Yeah, I fully expect that. CM and AE dropping within two months of one another is gonna be a crazy one-two punch. It’ll be a pretty much non-stop media push.


I feel your pain.

At this point I am mostly looking forward to Captain Marvel feedback, the group that has seen the movie not the ones rallying against it, and I want to know when End Game tickets are available. I have a tiny group ready for a midnight showing, yep, I’m taking the day off. heh.


This is a great idea. Especially since I’m not interested in watching trailers or even official news bits about Endgame until I see the movie.

I’m going to do the same thing for Game of Thrones theories.


Looking forward to watching it. I’m so excited about this movie.


I like this fan theory

It explains a lot, like why Odin has a replica Infinity Gauntlet and why Etri was able to make one, why Thanos waited so long to scoop them up (waiting for Odin to die), why Hela was banished (sacrifice for the Soul Stone).

I also think Odin used the stones to imbue his favorite Asgardians with godlike powers, much like we’ve seen them used to make other heroes like Scarlet Witch. Thor is on par with the other heroes created from the Infinity Stones, so he could have been empowered in the same way by Odin.



I like this one.


Is it even mildly spoilery? I liked that the last one gave almost nothing away.


There was only one thing I’d consider very mildly spoilery, and that was something that was obviously going to happen, it was just a matter of when in the film it happens. And the shot they showed could be anywhere in the film, but it still kinda surprised me that they showed it at all.

EDIT to call it ‘mildly’ spoilery, as I’m not sure it’s a spoiler, but it does show very slightly more than the previous trailers which mostly showed the world as it stood at the beginning of Endgame.


I guess it technically reveals slightly more. But no, I still wouldn’t call it “mildly spoilery”.

For example, the previous trailer showed us Hawkeye. Everyone knew Hawkeye was going to be in Endgame, but the trailer showed it.

There’s a similar moment here, and a look at some new fashion choices. Zero plot reveals though.


Schindler’s List: End Game


I do plan on necking during this movie.


Me too. And I’ll be going by myself.


Me watching this trailer


It can’t possibly be as good as expected, can it?