Avengers: Endgame (2019)


It’s probably better. :)


I love how coy they’re being with the plot details.

Favorite part for me was seeing Rocket in the classic Guardians uniform.


I’ve been rewatching all these movies with my kids now that they’re old enough, so everything is pretty fresh in my mind. That trailer just gave me shivers. Can’t wait.


Continuing to bend all new details into my own pet theory about the quantum realm and alternate universes, maybe those new outfits are for using B.A.R.F. tech to project whatever appearance they need to fit in with other worlds/past versions of themselves.

It’s going to be fun to look back and laugh at all my theories in a couple months.


Even crazier conspiracy theory: those new costumes aren’t in the movie, they’re placeholders in the trailers to cover up team members wearing old versions for timeline/multiverse hopping.

The bottom line is I will drive myself insane speculating if April doesn’t get here soon.


It’s going to be great seeing some heroes interact with each other that haven’t before.


It’s generally my thinking that yeah, the Infinity Gauntlet can’t actually erase people from existence–matter can’t be destroyed, so it has to exist… somewhere. So these people are actually removed to somewhere else, probably some quantum realm where you don’t have to worry about space that much. Getting there of course will require Hank giving Stark the tech.

— Alan


In truth, the new costumes exist solely to allow variant toy versions to be sold, and there will be some attempt at contextualization in the movie, despite the fact that they really don’t need it, because several of the heroes already sported advanced costumes\gear.


If time travel is involved, then I wonder if the shot of Cap grimacing is him picking up Mjolnir.

Saw a Reddit theory re: Captain Marvel that since she hasn’t taken the mantle yet, she does so in this movie in honor of two fallen heroes: Cap and Mar-Vell.


That Cap grimace is right off a panel in the books. I love that stuff. The Flash does that on TV all the time. Understanding that language of comics and giving it to us on film is no small feat given how comic films looked before Marvel and the MCU.


I wonder if that was a glimpse of a new Hawkeye MCU Kate Bishop equivalent.


Will be hard for Hank to do that given that he was snapped in Antman and the Wasp though.


All the spoiler tags based on a preview and wacky theories that give practically nothing away is a testament to the gentlemanly/womanly nature of this forum. I would want every post in this thread to be blurry except for this one. That way, reading each post is like unwrapping a present.


My theory has been that the snap created a second universe where the other half of life survived. Restoring everyone will require collapsing the two parallel universes back together using Thanos, the only one alive in both, as an inflection point.


You’re thinking of a different Carrie Coon performance.


Okay, this isn’t a spoiler, because it happened in the existing movie. It seems painfully clear that the resolution clearly involves Dr. Strange, right? I mean, he clearly gave up his stone in accordance with some form of plan (the only one that can work).


I won’t be surprised if it does, but Infinity War didn’t assure us of that. He may have simply seen that the only possible victory against Thanos starts with him giving up his stone, doesn’t mean Strange is necessarily active in whatever the “plan” is in Endgame.


I agree with WhollySchmitt here - Strange saw the resolution and set it in motion by making sure that Tony Stark was alive and non-snapped. So the solution probably DOESN’T involve Dr. Strange directly, but it almost certainly involves Iron Man.


Wait, how did Dr. Strange make sure Iron Man was non-snapped? Wasn’t there a 50-50 chance that Tony Stark would get snapped like everyone else?


Yes (and again, none of this is a spoiler since it is just very straightforward theory from the existing movie), I don’t think Dr. Strange kept Tony from being snapped. I’m not sure Tony was the central part of Dr. Strange’s forecasting. I think that it did have something to do with why Dr. Strange gave up the stone willingly.

I almost feel like Dr. Strange saw that the snap had to happen in order to stop Thanos. Maybe he realized that it was unavoidable, but by letting it occur, they could then reverse it somehow in a way they couldn’t if they had continued to resist. That’s just my random guess.