Avengers: Endgame SPOILER Topic (Enter at your own risk)


Expect spoilers beyond this point. Someone may be dead and you might not like it.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)
Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Yep. I’ll avoid after this point until I’ve seen it which will be… late, very late evening.


I’m attending at 7:15p tomorrow. I’ll be in here by 11pm or so is my guess.


I’m going to hang out here in lieu of actually attending the movie. I hope the raccoon makes it!



So, who saw Natasha dying? I didn’t. Iron Man, Cap. America, heh, ok, I was prepared for them to leave, Natasha is like, what, but she hasn’t even had one movie of her own…

But the movie works, the ending, as long as you don’t think too much about it, works fine. And is it just my impression, or did they give themselves a Loki gets out of jail free card?
But change the Professor Hulk voice, needs more Hulk in there, IMO.


I’m entering this completely blind, a day before launch, but I just wanted to say this:

For all the reactions of “Of course they’re going to reverse this and bring those characters back!” after Infinity War, I predict that the events of that movie are just setting people up for the amount of actual, permanent loss that is going to happen in Avengers 4.

That is all. See you on the other side!


This is the spoiler thread, but the movie is still fresh so I will actually use spoiler tags. Sorry.

In General: Time heist! Connecting the dots and pulling together the loose threads from the entire franchise works really well, at least for people like me who have watched all the movies.

The Good: Makes good use of the entire MCU. The time heist works really well. Good sendoffs for those who die. The elevator scene at Avengers Tower in 2012 and when Captain America summons Mjølner were two of my favorite moments.

The Bad: It is a bit long, and I am not sure it will be seen as as generally likeable as Infinity War. Some sections have some pacing issues. Definitively a movie for the fans, but not sure if that is in a bad way.

The Surprising: I expected both Iron Man and Captain America to die or retire, and I think their exits worked well and made sense. I will miss Steve, though, but nice to see him get that happy ending. I didn’t expect Natasha to go, though, and was a bit surprised. Made sense, though, she’d obviously beat Hawkeye in hand-to-hand.


Do we still need to spoiler tag in this thread? Just came back from the movie. So much feels I need a hug.


Probably not, but I thought I’d add them since it is still release day and some people might enter by mistake.


Something I realised, the movie is 3 hours long and I didn’t feel it. They could’ve added more time and I’d probably be fine with it (went to bathroom right before, also had a subway sandwich :D) .


Ok, I just thought the thread title is as obvious as “Non smoking area” or “Hooters” but we’re still going to spoiler tags? …

But anyway,

What I enjoyed: saw it coming that some sort of time traveling would play a part of it and the plot was very aware of it too. What I didn’t expect was it extended the heist element of Ant-man movies into Endgame and it worked very well because time traveling has been a very cliché trope but it was a very refreshing experience to see a heist movie mixed up with time traveling.

I also loved what they did to characters like Hulk, Raccoon, Nebula, and Thor. All of them were further humanised in this movie. I really liked what they did to Thor’s character that saw him evolved from a well chiseled Renaissance sculpture esque superhero into a unkempt overweight superhero. It certainly made mortal audience like me felt even relatable. Likewise for Hulk whom has finally come to terms with he is and become a hero with the best of two worlds of Hulk and Banner.

The pacing of the movie is right on the spot. My wife whom usually has attention deficit syndrome in movies was entertained throughout the movie. It’s definitely the superhero movie for everyone after The Dark Knight.

The sent off of Iron Man and Cap were anticipated but I still shed manly years when that happened :’(. Is Natasha death permanent though? I thought there was going to be a spin off movie based on black widow.

The funeral scene of Iron Man really got to me. That was the only time in which all MCU characters were there except Iron Man.

What I was feeling indifferent: I haven’t watched Captain Marvel. She was certainly underutilized in Endgame, but whenever she appeared, I just thought Brie Larson’s performance wasn’t captivating enough. Like, she just phoned it in in every scene she appeared. Or maybe that was the best she could do with the lines she had.

What troubled me: Thanos’ motivation remained… He regretted killing half of universal population and thought he could have used the stones to create a new universe that is loyal to him. But wouldn’t this make a calculating villain like him seemed even dumber because why would he left things to chance (50%) that could undo his works?? It also made his previous annihilation rationale even worse–you could create a new universe with limitless resources instead? That was my gripe immediately after Thanos expressed his regret.


I don’t disagree, but I though what the heck.


Oh one more minor gripe I forgot to mention

movie never explained how did Valkyrie and other Asgardians escaped Thanos’ attack in the beginning of Infinity War. I’m still very curious! Also, during Stark’s funeral, I think they should mourn Natasha too even if she might be a recurring character.


I loved loved loved that Thanos was killed essentially in the first 10 minutes and that that event sent characters off into arcs that defined them.

While I generally despise time travelling wonkiness they did such a good job of this that it worked here. Any time travel trope experts able to weigh in if this is actually internally consistent?

Natasha dying was a shock to me as I thought she was the character that humanised the Avengers through the series as a whole, and often drove the larger plot forward (Hydra file dump, letting break away Avengers go). But someone was always going to die on Voromir. @Baconsoda the Black Widow movie is an origin movie so Natasha can die here and be in another one.

Cap getting his ending with Peggy was sweet and well deserved. Though I’m going to miss Chris Evans as Steve Rogers.

I liked how Gamora was brought back and how it also sets up a Guardians of the Galaxy 3 - The Search for Gamora plot.

Nebula getting a lot of screen time and play in this was cool. In the source comic Nebula actually wields the guantlet at one point in the arc of the story so it was nice to see her character given some emphasis here. Though how did modern Nebula not have the same things happen to her that old Nebula did? ie shared brain experience.

I’ll be interested to see what they do with Captain Marvel in future movies. She is so impossibly over powered in comparison to every other Avenger that they had to have her off screen for the majority of the movie, for both the it’s not her story reasons but also because when she does arrive in the climatic battle it’s game over.

I can’t believe anyone will see Endgame with seeing Captain Marvel first but her initial appearance would have been wtf for that small segment of people.

I was delighted with the ‘it’s no big deal’ aspect of Bruce merging into the hulk. Not even really commented on.


Anyone care to speculate what the clanging at the very very end of the credits was. It was meaningful in some way.


Apparently it’s the clanging from Iron Man 1, when Tony Stark first builds the armor, in a cave, from a box of scraps.


huh. Well heck that’s a bit of a disappointment.


Sam’s callback to Winter Soldier with the ‘on the left’ line pleased me greatly. As did Steve finally getting to say Avengers Assemble.


I really liked it for the most part, but Cap being there at the end felt weird to me since they pretty much explained that with their rules that can’t happen that way.

Also it’s the first time I’ve ever been in a theater and it’s silent except for the sounds of tons of people sobbing, and in an action movie no less.