Avengers: Endgame SPOILER Topic (Enter at your own risk)

Apologies, I know this is indulgent, but I spent a year thinking and posting about Endgame, so I also went back through all my posts in the Infinity War spoiler thread where I theorized on Endgame.

I was convinced there was going to be a distinction between accessing multiple dimensions/alternate realities, and time travel, and that Endgame wouldn’t actually be about time travel. It turns out it was totally time travel, but sort of time travel that plays by the rules of alternate realities.

So I was wrong about the mechanics, and dedicated to being wrong (I made that multiverse claim a lot), but I had the gist of what they were actually doing right over a year ago. Not that I was unique in guessing they would try to remake the Infinity Gauntlet, but it’s still kinda fun to guess right-ish.

Like I said, I really doubled down on how it wasn’t going to be time travel, it was going to be multiverses. I was at least right that it wasn’t all about the Time Stone.

And of course my crazy fan service multiverse dreams didn’t play out, although technically we did get a cameo of what I think is the only time a character who was first portrayed on a a Marvel TV show made it back onto the big screen–James D’Arcy as Jarvis.

I love the balance they struck here. Carol had a couple huge moments apart from her fight with Thanos, and I think it’s clearer now that she is the strongest of the Avengers, but it still didn’t come down to her beating Thanos single-handedly. She got close. There were several times in this movie and in Infinity War that characters got close to beating Thanos, and I like that it was both believable that any one of those encounters could’ve gone slightly differently and Thanos could’ve lost, but that even while believing other characters might’ve beaten him if not for chance, Carol still clearly had the easiest time with him and got closest.

Narrator: “They didn’t.”