Avenue 5 - HBO

I like it too, though I don’t love it. But it gets better as it goes.

The episode I just watched (the one with the recurring BEEP) is a lot of silly fun.

Edit: Yeah, just checked… it’s episode 6, the one dtolman just referred to.

One thing I like about the show, more so as it goes on…

Everything is way worse on the show than it is in real life. Considering real life - that’s something. I can watch the show and say, well at least things here aren’t THAT bad!


It’s hard for me to put a finger on, TBH. Part of it is definitely, as mentioned earlier, that none of the characters are likeable. Every single character in Avenue 5 is incompetent, shifty, and unsympathetic (the Captain and the Engineer are the only ones that come closest to likeable, without ever quite getting there). I find the jokes in the show land about as well as those told by the hapless stand-up comedian in the Avenue 5 bar (and the running joke of the show is how his jokes are absolutely awful).

Yeah… I’ve really wanted to like it and give it a chance, but after 5 episodes I think I’m done. Real pity, as on paper it sounds great! Scifi / dark comedy / Laurie / Iannucci all sounds promising, but the end product just doesn’t come together.

But two of us just reported that #6 is really funny! And you’re soooo cloooose. :D

Hehe… Ok, will give that one a shot!

Well, that’s a wrap on the Season, if I understand correctly. Don’t think I’ll spend any time on season 2 unless they change the premise entirely.

Thinking a bit on the question earlier, I think my problem with this show is two things: cardboard characters, and it never quite knowing whether it wants to be dramatic or funny, and thus ends up being neither. Of the two, it’s the first that is the worst problem. Which is a pity, because the cast are talented, but the characters pretty much exist to serve the punchlines and story beats, rather than having them come from the characters themselves.

And the “dramatic” moments don’t land for me, because the characters don’t exist to feel poignant, tense, or sorry for. E.g., Iris and Karen have a “tense” exchange about “rumors” that Karen and the Captain have a thing going. Except neither character has shown any indication they’d care about this, so why should the viewer?

The only consistency is that all the characters are stupid. Season finale continues that trend. Why does X or Y do stupid thing? Because he/she is stupid. YMMV, but I find comedy is most interesting when it’s clever. If I want to see dumb people doing dumb things, I can just look at a press conference with Trump.

Doesn’t help my interest in S2 that they take IMO the best character in the show and send her back to Earth. What a waste.

I binged this show this weekend. I’m surprised to see the negative reactions in this thread. I thought it was quite funny several times, and overall a very interesting journey for these people. I’m glad it’s renewed and I hope we get to see these people get home.

Using the wrong airlock at the end felt off though. I didn’t think that character was a fool, so it didn’t feel right that she would do something like that. And does that mean they were lining up at the wrong airlock the whole time? Somebody would have noticed that and pointed it out. And if not, she did it all in the hour they had in the last episode which also doesn’t feel like they had time for.