Avowed - out Elder Scrolls Bethesda by Obsidian?

Could it be the FNV of Elder Scrolls? About time if it is!

Who needs Space Thingy Betthesda whatever… we just wanted ES!

After Tyranny and Outer Wilds I’m off the Obsidian train. I hope this game redeems them. I would love for them to deliver a genuine open world masterpiece.

I was a fan of Tyranny and look forward to eventually playing Outer World’s (held off only due to Epic). I hope this is closer to my favorite game from them, Fallout New Vegas. This studio at one point was definitely capable of making an incredible (if flawed) open world Fallout game. Hopefully the same is still true, as it will translate well to this.

One concern: the campy, tongue in cheek exposition and humor common in Fallout and it looks like Outer World’s might just be cheesy in a fantasy game. I’m uncertain. Tyranny was more serious but sometimes a windbag.

Color me intrigued.

I hope they are not as campy as Outer World. The trailer feels alot like a Pillars of Eternity game… hopefully it isn’t too obtuse (like the first pillars game). I really think the second game was awesome after all the updates and expansions. The writing got better (or the lore and world just made more sense) the farther you got in.

The Outer Worlds. I’ll not hear that about Outer Wilds ;-)

I hope the combat feels good. Someone gift everyone at Obsidian a copy of Verminted 2!

I get the sense from that trailer they won’t be going for that same tone - which makes sense, they are likely keeping that tone specific to the Fallout-like world of Outer Worlds, and this looks to be a more traditional RPG style setting. I’m all in.

Just so that they know what not to do, I hope?

Granted, I only played for 5 minutes, but combat felt so janky in those 5 minutes I never went back.

Different tastes I’m sure, but the feel of Vermintide combat is one of the major things that turned me off. That being said, it’s better than say, a Bethesda game. Skyrim melee is poop.

I’d be good with something Assassin’s Creedish or a Souls-lite.

It’s the Pillars world FWIW (where in that world I know not).

The tone of various Obsidian (and precursor/related studio) worlds has always been consistent, so I don’t see any reason to think this will be like Fallout or Outer Worlds (which are not the same as each other by any stretch) until I see actual evidence.

Those are 3rd person and not a good fit for comparison.

I’ll have to think about it, but I think Skyrim is still the top first melee combat I’ve played in any “recent” games as far as the look and feel of sword and board combat, and how the power moves feel with two handed weapons. I remember liking Dark Messiah of Might and Magic a lot, but that’s going way back.

While it might be, the stuff that made New Vegas so good for me was its writing - and most Obsidian writers behind NV (Gonzales, Fernstermaker, Avellone) are gone from Obsidian. And Sawyer is not working on it either.

You are mad. Mad, I say!

Some of the, um, deficiencies in Skyrim melee combat may well be due to the seemingly inherent challenge of making first-person melee really good. More I think is due to the craptacular game engine, which just is not very good for fast, responsive melee combat (or, really, any combat). So a better engine might help. Personally, I would like a first-person game that shifted to third-person for melee combat.

This is a good, and concerning, observation.

Oh… oh, my. That’s excellent news, thanks! I guess that means this is their pivot from PoE 2 not doing very well sales wise (it’s still one of my favorite RPG’s) but I love the world and will enjoy it all the same in this new … I’m sorry, I lost the train of that thought as I realized that like Fallout 1 and 2 the third iteration is going first person and it sort of broke me a liitle.

I would assume so, regarding the pivot. I wouldn’t mind a proper Pillars 3 (a party based isometric RPG) and who knows maybe that will come down the road. But I am also ok with this. I don’t love Pillars in terms of mechanics but Obsidian overall have just been so much better at that stuff than Bethesd that I think we could get an interesting product for that alone. I think the path to another party based CRPG in any universe is probably through this doing well so here hopes (but I hope it does well anyway).

As for the writers, there are lots of talented people at Obsidian still so I see no reason to be worried. A certain troika comes to mind. . .

(well two out of three anyway). Yes they did Outer worlds but they’ve done other stuff with very different tone (I shouldn’t have to say this but sure).

Well, at least we’ve got consensus as to which games’ systems Avowed should emulate. Man I don’t know what people are talking about, making games is easy.