AVP drops 67.4%

#4 in its second weekend with $12.5m

Never let it be said that word of mouth isn’t a powerful force.

Meanwhile, poor Benji limped in at #16 with $1.5m. Maybe it’s time to put this mutt out of its misery.

Benji will probably do really good on DVD.

As for AvP, it should make money once everything is all said and done.



AvP seems to be right up there with Catwoman on the second week losses.

Alien vs. Predator has already made more money than Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Predator and Predator 2:

AvP: $63,053,000 (thus far)
Alien 3: $55,473,545
Alien Resurrection: $47,795,658
Predator: $59,735,548
Predator 2: $30,669,413 (ouch)

Admittedly, inflation is a factor with the older movies. Still, here’s hoping AvP’s relative success convinces Fox to do another straight-up Alien movie and also, please, to not completely bork it.

That Predator 2 result is shameful. The film isn’t as great as the original Predator or Aliens 2 but it’s still far better than the other Alien sequels. Guess that’s what the lack of a big star does to your film. :?

(By the way, it’s been available on DVD for a while… go get it!)

For the record I detested Predator 2. It had a relentlessly hopeless and negative attitude that made the move unpleasant to watch.

Um. Wow. :shock:

Of all the possible reasons to dislike P2 I would never have thought of that one…

If it helps, those predators are just fictional. They’re not really coming and killing everyone. :wink:

Quick, quick, someone make a quip about how Andrew doesn’t like it because it’s liberal Hollywood propaganda about how Republicans are babykillers! Or something.

I’m surprised the original Predator didn’t do better than that . . . even for a 1987 film.