Awesome Capital One banner ad I just saw

Fading in and out. I loved it.

Ha I just saw that. I was gonna take a screenshot but clicked away before I thought about it.

Yay, it’s back! Saved in animated form for posterity:

What’s funny about that is that they called it “Test Banner 1,” which implies that we’re going to soon see “Test Banner 2.”

Meh. Early reports from Ain’t it Cool says Test Banner 2 is poorly acted and totally derivative.

Have you seen the Britney Spears perfume banner ad? FYI, I went to a department store and smelled it – it reeked of cupcake and orchid. Not faintly, either.

Hey, who says that’s not what she smells like? Some people might have a thing for cupcake/orchid.

Uwe Boll has bought the rights to Test Banner 3: Send in the Clowns.

How did you identify this as a Capital One banner?

It took you to their site when you clicked on it.

What’s in your wallet?

Duh, Test Banner 1

Great Moments In Banner Advertising, Part II:

Man… do you people actually see banner ads? While I don’t actively block them (I believe site owners are entitled to whatever meager revenues they generate) I have trained myself to not see them.