Awesome GameBoy Micro ad


Ah… pure gold…

That’s how you make good ads…


Now THAT is a great ad.

Does anyone know where/when it’s airing? I hate it when they make a really cool ad and it runs like once in the UK before they take it off the air.

Heh. As soon as I saw the “Nintendo Recover Center” sign I was SURE this was going to be about retrieving the Micro from …places it was stuck.

I love how the two “scientists” are reacting. One is embarrased and covers up the activity, the other smiles appreciatively. :)

That commercial is Solid Gold.

Also it plays on Canadian TV quite often so I hear.

True :)

Priceless. :lol:

Best Nintendo ad ever!

Ha! That’s awesome. :)

Has that actually aired in the US? It’s hard to see that getting on US TV anywhere outside of Spike TV and Adult Swim.

There’s no way I could see that airing here in the US, unless it’s like after midnight. Funny as hell though, my dad laughed at it too.

It’s airing in Canada, for what it’s worth.

That ad was clearly designed for kids.

Heee, humping is funny…hehehehehe…

What the fuck, Bevis and Butthead are now working in advertising?

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