Awesome stardock deals

Yeah, the nice thing about Impulse is that you can get rid of it after installing. If you want to treat it like an installer, you can. Space Rangers Complete for 4 bucks – DO IT.

I’m in the UK and I just bought it.

Thanks for the lnk!

The game doesn’t support left-handed mouse. It also has a spot very early in the tutorial where it won’t go forward unless you double=click something, but it doesn’t recognize the double-click, so it just gets stuck.

I think I will pass on this one :)

I saw the offer in the newsletter and had to buy SR2 …

for the 3rd time. Threw out one copy because of the Starforce, lost the second DRM free one during a divorce, and now finally I have one DRM-free I can’t lose!! And, it was the cheapest one. Yay!

I just bought SR2 myself and I’m posting that it’s the smoothest online purchase I’ve ever made because it actually shows the actual cost in my local currency (Malaysian Ringgit) before I even check out the item.

One of the best fucking games this decade

What, am I the only one to read this and thought “Who do you think you are that you have some sort of need for us to convince you to part with $5 even though you’ve read pretty good reviews?”

Space Rangers 2 for all of $4? Sold!

I bet Stardock’s game division has its most profitable month ever with offers like this. Also: “Holiday Impulse Buys”. Nyuk, nyuk!

I cross posted this deal to a popular Malaysian forum and someone claimed that on the very first day that the deal was made available, he’d managed to buy SR2 at MYR$4.00. Apparently there was a glitch in the system and it showed the amount in local currency without doing the conversion. He says the price appears in his confirmation e-mail and everything.

FYI one US dollar is about equal to MYR3.65 at the moment. When I finally bought it myself today, it charged me MYR14.00.

So I bought SR2C from Impulse, but how do I get it? It’s not in the My Games tab, and when I try to register it manually, it says the serial code (that was emailed to me) is wrong.

Sigh, why can’t these systems just be as easy to use as Steam?

Edit: nvm, just figured it out. Still an awful process compared to the competition though.

Yeh, the process of buying from Impulse is terribly convoluted. And then I had to figure out how to turn off the sluggish custom skin for Impulse. But at least once the game is in your account, it makes redownloading as easy as it is through Steam.

If you buy it through the actual Impulse app, it is seamless/painless. It automatically gets added to your games.

Yeah but buying through the web interface and then accessing it via Impulse is pretty dire, especially as the whole thing could be (or is?) linked using the one account system.

I did not have Impulse downloaded or installed. I bought the game and got a confirmation email with a serial number. Later, I downloaded and installed Impulse. It asked me to create an Impulse account and I did. I used the same email address I bought the game with. After Impulse was running I looked in its My Games folder. There Space Rangers 2 was. Impulse never asked me for the serial number or anything else. It just knew I owned the game. Convenient.

I bought this for £2.66. Got it through the web and it didn’t appear in my my games list. Eventually i figured out i need to click the impulse icon in the top left and add a new game. Was in no way simple in fact fristrated me for a while that even the wife said what was huffing and puffing about.

Still an amazing bargain at that price. A game made for work laptops as well

I bought it through the Impulse app, and it was not added automatically to My Games. I had to register it manually instead. And the only way I knew you could register games manually, was because I had registered my Stardock games when I installed the Impulse app. Can’t even imagine how frustrating it could be if you don’t know that.

But if it’s supposed to be automatically, then that’s cool. Sucks that it doesn’t work for me though.

Does anyone know if there is a way to gift an Impulse game to someone else? I actually owned SR2 but bought the complete version anyway, since the expansion alone cost more than $4. Since I now technically own two copies, can I give my old one away?

I’m not sure if the site was just busy or what, but they finally took my money.

I ran into another problem, though. The Impulse shopping cart said the cost of the games were “$3.99 CAD” each, which I thought was pretty sweet. But when I checked out with PayPal it said those amounts were USD. Still a great deal, but what the hell?

I bought it while at work, not logged into impulse, and it was a bit confusing. The ‘Thank You for you order’ message that contains the serial number should really mention that you may have to hit ‘add game’ and put in the serial if you’re not logged in while you buy it.

Probably too late, but is there an affiliate link handy so Qt3 can make a few pennies per buy?