Awesome things in otherwise crappy films


Summer of Sam:

The talking dog. KIIIIIILL.

House 2:

The dude from Cheers somehow elevated the entire film every time he was on screen, which was not often. Also the stop motion skeleton horse was pretty damn sweet.


Tim Curry’s makeup.

Chud 2:

The theme song.

I’ll post more when I think of them.

This also needs a counterpart thread, but I’m too lazy to make one. Feel free.


I think you can just change that to just “Tim Curry.”

This seems like the perfect thread to talk about the Star Wars prequels:

Episode I: Maul v Qui Gon and Obi Wan

Episode II: Obi Wan v Jango Fett

Episode II: Anakin slaughtering the Jedi temple, Obi Wan vs Anakin, Scorched Anakin turning into Darth Vader up until the Frankenvader/NOOOOOOOO part.


Silent Hill: Pyramid Head.


The first 10 minutes of Pitch Black.


Christopher Walken in whatever horrible movies he participated in.


Number one for me shall always be in Event Horizon. They finally find the right codec to view avis filmed in SpaceHellScope, and watch the now-unscrambled film of Hell. (Hell, of course, looks like a bad metal-industrial music video, only projected into a future where music video attention spans are even lower.)

There’s a few beats of perfect silence, then the captain announces calmly, “Okay. We’re leaving now.”

Shame about the rest of the flick.


The 10 minutes or so of actual parkour in District B13.


Event Horizon started out pretty decent, then it went all stupid at the end. Unfortunately many horror movies follow that pattern.


Most of the people I knew in high school who were really into horror movies and stuff like Scanners were actually a bit like that with their writing. They would have a particularly cool concept or five minute long twist on an idea that they would get all excited about (and which was admittedly pretty cool). Then, when it came time to actually do something with it, they went nowhere. They could come up with that one cool concept, but had no ability to really build a story around it, or do anything other than get the concept on paper (which was cool, but not that cool to support a short story, etc.).


Anything Wilhem Dafoe says or does in Boondock Saints.


Here’s an awesome scene from an awesome movie: Heat.

When Robert De Niro’s character is in the book store reading a book, he steps forward to get out of the way of his future love interest as she walks behind him. That’s it. That’s the scene. But here’s why it’s so awesome.

The book, we later find out, is a book about stress fractures in titanium (or some other metal, can’t remember). Hardly easy reading and certainly something one does not merely skim through before buying, since technical texts are usually very specialized and expensive.

Watching the scene again you can see that De Niro’s character is absorbed by the material, yet is still aware of his surroundings, as evidenced by his moving out of the way for the lady without looking up from the book.

Why is this understated scene so awesome then? Because this scene illustrates the character’s way of life, and way of looking at life, is so ingrained into him, that he is never truly in a relaxed state, ready to run if he ever feels the heat.

And, it does that in 3 seconds, with no dialogue.


Heat is truly an awesome movie all around, and with that in mind, has absolutely no place in this thread.


Highlander 2, where Ramirez does his little speech before having his head chopped off by the fan.


I always thought that Bullseye using a peanut to kill a woman sitting next to him on a plane was pretty awesome. And since Daredevil is decidedly crappy, I’ll throw it in this thread.


Deep Blue Sea: A shark comes OUT OF NOWHERE and eats Samuel L. Jackson as he’s in the middle of giving a long speech about how they are all going to survive.


Deep Blue Sea doesn’t count because it’s like an encyclopedia of awesomely bad moments, so much so that the movie becomes magically entertaining. Sharks opening doors and swimming backwards? Working getting the female lead to strip to her skivvies into the plot? Peter Skarsgaard getting his hand bitten off? L.L. Cool J punching a shark in the eye? No, my friend: Deep Blue Sea is deserving and worthy of your respect.


It’s good, but it’s no Deep Rising.


“I’m an architect.”


That end scene in Troll where the remaining character comes downstairs and finds the fucked-up troll or leprechaun or whatever in the hell they were supposed to be puppets in the kitchen, singing that song around their meal. I still laugh about that whenever I think of it.


Thora Birch’s breasts in American Beauty. They alone almost redeemed that piece of shit.