Awesome thread on the history of gamefan

23 pages long.

Magazine writers on acid.

Death defying races to the bank to cash paychecks before the funds were gone.

Rampaging Dave Halverson.

Crazy Japanese translators with stiff erections.

Behind the music eat your heart out.

Between the 100x160 avatars and the 300x400 sigs and the post count graphics and the fucked up layout I can’t figure out where the actual content of the posts are.

Man, no kidding. It’s so bad that I’m not going to try it, even armed with FireFox and the Adblock extention.

(That is, by the way, one of the reasons I love QT3’s forums. Can I get an Amen?)


Though last time I said so a bunch of Gone Golders got all pissy.

Good content, but about a 7/10 on the unreadability scale. I have seen worse, but those involved final fantasy, dragonball z, or general anime.

Best part I’ve seen:

Oh, there’s a doosy of a story behind that one. I shit you not, but Halverson was high on acid when he wrote the Cybermorph article, along with half the staff. We had just pulled a couple of all-nighters in a row, which was the norm at deadline times. Apparently, when The Enquirer came back to work the next morning, he dropped some acid in the coffee pot, which most of the crew, including Halverson, drank from. I wasn’t a coffee drinker at the time so I didn’t really notice anything unusual and didn’t learn what was going on until George started threatening to murder Cockburn.

So, re-read that Cybermorph article now that you know he was on acid, and it’ll shed new light on just why he thought it was such a great game.

This is quite a funny link from it - I gave up shortly after seeing the link because my eyes were melting.

It’s worth slogging through the annoying sigs and so forth. Really.

ANNNNNND a propensity for… helping his pet dogs achieve orgasm in full view of other people. Can I get a “holy shit!”?

For those of you interested, using the following adblocks:*

do much to increase the readabilitiy. Doesn’t help with the sigs though.

Amen again. The lack of sigs and avatars is one of the best features of this board, and contributes greatly to the maturity of the tone.

I thought SHIT BONERZ! did that?

SHIT BONERZ indeed. Why does that always make me laugh?

Didn’t say it was ALL mature, I just don’t detect a lot of youth in the posts. Could be wrong, but it seems that mostly grownups are hanging around here.

The guys in the gamefan thread with the crazy sigs and whatnot are all in their late 30s.

Grown-up is clearly a state of mind.


I was actually curious about this alleged article, but all I saw where a couple of one-line posts wedged between avatars and sigs, etc.

Seriously, can anybody explain the fascination with stupid-ass avatar images and animated gif signatures that so many message board type people seem to have? It has never made any sense to me, but maybe I’ve just never been 1337 enough to get it.

I’m sure that the users of those boards see the avatars and sigs as a shortcut to expressing their own individuality and character, as opposed to doing it through informative or insightful prose. Which is HARD.

I like avatars. It’s quite possible to have them without having them be retarded.

Sure. Make them small and limit them to the .jpg format so there’s no animation. Don’t see that too often, though.

I’m honestly curious why you like avatars, extarbags. I’m not exactly an anti-visual symbol sort of person — I’m into tattoos when they’re well done, for example, but I just don’t get the avatar thing on message boards.

Perhaps it’s because I still view message boards through the lense of my early days with local dial-up bulletin boards, which were entirely textual in nature.

How sad.

One nice thing about vBulletin, the forum software running there, is that once you register and login you can set your account to not show sigs and/or avatars of posters.