Awesomely Bad Movies

I did a quick search and couldn’t really find a thread like this.

Listening to Kelly Wand talk about enjoyably bad movies inspired this. My roommates and I want to start doing an occasional “Bad Movie Night,” where we put on some crappy movie with the intent of laughing at its badness and riffing on it all night, Mystery Science Theater 3000-style.

Our first movie is going to be the most recent Conan movie, but I’m curious if you guys have any other suggestions for movies that are hilariously bad.

There was the old Bad Movie Night thread, wherein a group of us would get together on Xbox Live and watch a horrible schlockfest (or two) using the Group Watch feature that’s sadly no longer in existence on the Netflix app.

The consensus choice for Best Movie Ever was Raptor Island.

Pretty much everything in this “great” DVD collection (there are a tiny handful of decent films, but the rest are pure MST3K fodder). The same company’s horror collection is much the same, but with a slightly higher proportion of genuinely great films. Inevitably, though, the transfer quality is atrocious, and no extras. Still, they’re dirt cheap and hours of fun.

What kind of films are you looking for? There’s a fair difference between the feel of old B movies from the 80’s and terrible modern stuff like SciFi originals or various Asylum big budget knock-offs. And even another tier of actual big budget movies that happen to turn our terrible. Also, have you tried RiffTrax?

What have you watched and enjoyed? How old is okay to go? Any genre preferences?

R.O.T.O.R. and Interzone are both good (bad) and recent Netflix additions. There are some classics like Hell Comes to Frogtown, and a personal favorite, Battlefield Earth.

Also, in before Tom posts Chupacabra Terror.

Also, stay away from Kung Fu Mummy unless you want an execrable film with no sense of plot, pointless nudity, and characters credited as “Boob Boxin Chick.”

That’s the only film the Bad Movie Club ever turned off.

A lot of Asylum’s stuff is genuinely fun to watch for being so bad, but they’ve got some that are TOO bad to actually finish, too.

I loved Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, but this is absolutely top-tier for their movies, because they finally got the perfect tone.

Don’t go near Transmorphers or Mega Piranha.

I think we’d trend more toward modern stuff – Syfy originals, blockbusters that were bad, and the like. I completely spaced out the Asylum stuff, but I’ll add some of those to our list. And I’m sure we’ll have a blast with Battlefield Earth.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll happily accept more!

This is exactly what I was coming in here to say. It’s so bad it was actually boring to watch. Another common pick would be The Room.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror is incredibly bad. It’s actually worse than Syfy Originals. Hell I’m not even sure it would pass muster as a Syfy Original.

And it’s only slightly amusing that I’ve now been to nearly all of the locations in the movie in one way or another (well, all worth noting).

Manos: Hands of Fate is apparently getting remastered and cleaned up, which is an incredulous undertaking just by itself.

The Room is generally an all-time classic.

As for classics that have yet to be professionally riffed, there were all sorts of 60s and 70s Italian sci-fi movies that are incredibly bad. Star Crash comes to mind.

— Alan

Here’s one.

Here’s another.

And another.

I dare you guys to watch Q: The Winged Serpent.

How dare you. Michael Moriarty is awesome.


Sssssssssssh, quiet Xtien! I’m trying to trick them into watching something awesome.

Kickpuncher, and its sequel Kickpuncher 2 (codenamed Punchkicker).

(Sadly both fictional).

In my experience, Birdemic is actually so boring it’s pretty hard to watch in that setting as well. It’s also, as I recall, unconscionably long.

Actually I wouldn’t call it incredibly boring, but then again I’ve only seen the Rifftrax version, which does make it a bit more interesting.

— Alan

Not even MST3K could get me through this movie. So horrible.

Mark Dacascos and David Bradley in American Samurai is a bad movie recommendation from me.

No mention of Megaforce, people? Barry Bostwick is very upset.

And what about “Hard Ticket to Hawaii”? one of my personal favorites.

Mansquito is my Syfy pick for best of the worst. It’s terrible, yet still watchable, because the producers hadn’t yet clued in on the Asylum trend of purposely wallowing in their kitschy awfulness. (It was made in 2005, so it’s before the stunt casting antics of later Syfy Originals.) It’s earnestly bad.

Skyline is a really bad movie propped up by some decent effects. I don’t think the effects are worth sitting through the movie to see, but at least the Brothers Strause (yes, that’s how they wish to be known) did everything themselves so it is a personal project for them. The biggest thing Skyline has going for it is the absolutely gonzo nuts ending. DO NOT SPOIL YOURSELF ON THE ENDING. The ending is the payoff that makes this vanity crapfest (barely) worth watching.