Awesomely Bad Movies


I heartily second Skyline. It’s horrible, but it’s the kind of horrible where you can see a way better movie peeking out.


If you’re interested, there’s a great podcast – “How Did This Get Made” – that covers bad movies. Some of them are amazing, esp. the episode on the Punisher movie.

As for the list, add 90% of Nick Cage’s work.


Which Punisher movie? I actually liked the one with Thomas Jane a great deal.


The second one, Punisher: War Journal. It’s a crazy, crazy movie, and one I enjoyed a lot in fact. (Best part is how they set up some of the second-tier bad guys to be these supposedly amazing parkour assholes, and the first time they meet The Punisher he pulls out a ROCKET LAUNCHER and kills two of them in like three seconds.)

The How Did This Get Made? on it is fantastic, and a slightly different format from their usual shows: Paul Scheer, along with guest host Patton Oswalt (a huge fan of the movie) interview the director, an Eastern European woman who’s name escapes me at the moment. It’s a very bitter and cynical discussion on the nature of the film business and an incredible insight into how movies get made. She pulls no punches.


One of my absolute favorites as well. I enjoyed it so deeply that a friend of mine bought me an Andy Sidaris 12 film box set. None of the others really measure up, though. I suppose Troll 2 should be here somewhere as well. Though an entire documentary was made on how bad/great a movie that was.


Commando is secretly Arnold’s greatest, most quotable movie. That movie changed my life.


Well, the very real problem with Mega Python vs Gatoroid is the name of the movie. They buried the lede.

It should have been called Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson.



All the commercials on Syfy played up the girlfight angle moreso than the CG monsters. Still, I think they missed an opportunity by not having them play exaggerated versions of themselves instead of a scientist and a park ranger or whatever.

Besides, MegaShark versus Giant Octopus was better.


Revenge Of The Cheerleaders is truly awful, and stars a very young David Hasselhoff to boot. Honestly it’s not “campy” bad, it’s just terrible and disturbing in ways that I never thought a movie could disturb me.


I agreed with you up until they found themselves standing just the two of them in the swamp and they had the following exchange:

“I think we’re alone now.”
“There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.”


What?! I LOVED that!


Last weekend, my girlfriend and I watched “Starcrash” and “Battle Beyond the Stars” on Netflix Instant. Those were truly classics . . . or something!


Battle Beyond The Stars is in no way a bad movie. It’s a clever updating of The Seven Samurai into space opera, with a funny script by John Sayles and some pretty-good for the time (and fantastic by Roger Corman standards) special-effects. It’s breezy and fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.


Battle Beyond the Stars is TOTALLY a bad movie. I LOVED it as a kid, but watched it recently and it was PAINFUL.

While I’m at it, I’d like to submit The Pirate Movie as well. ;)


Dudes, Sybil Danning is a Space Valkrie in Battle Beyond The Stars. I don’t think you know what “bad” means.


Well yes, THAT was nice, but as a movie overall? Crap.


I did too…re-read the quote. I thought Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus was the better movie, UP UNTIL that point. :-)


Oh, my bad. :)


What’s pointless nudity, Do you mean male nudity?


The prize, for me, goes to Showdown in Little Tokyo.

Brandon Lee and Dolph Lundgren in a buddy cop movie with villain Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and damsel in distress Tia Carrere? Where do I sign up?

Don’t forget amazing quotes like, “When we get done, we’re going to go eat fish off those naked chicks.” and “'If we die, I just want you to know, you have the biggest dick I’ve seen on a man”