Awesomely Bad Movies


Voiced by an uncredited Craig T Nelson!


Have y’all seen McBain?

Y’all need to.


Thought you were taking about this, but I guess McBain is just a popular character name:


The popular-est!



No shit? Cool.


Yup, that’s what I see when I think McBain :)


Ultraviolet is probably my favorite terribad movie. IIRC the first 20 minutes is watchable.


My favorite awesomely bad movies were both on MST3K: Fire Maidens of Outer Space and Monster A Go-Go. I did watch a three last year at work that were awesomely terrible, however.

One is Sssssss. One of the stars is Dirk Benedict, known as Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck from The A-Team . It also has a disturbing scene featuring Noble Craig, who parlayed getting both legs and one arm blown off by a buried shell in Vietnam into a minor career in horror movies. Oh, and the cobras are real.

Miami Connection was another one. It takes place in Orlando, if I remember correctly. It involves ninjas on motorcycles, narcotics, and a rock band who all know martial arts.

Finally, I don’t know if this one is awesomely bad or badly awesome: They Live. Roddy Piper vs. aliens. It includes a pointless 5-minute fight scene between Piper and Keith David that John Carpenter included despite it otherwise bringing the movie to a halt.


How dare you. That movie is a treasure.


Somehow I knew, despite Vietnam-veteran snake men and motorcycle ninjas, this would be the response I got. :)


Yeah, They Live is such a cult smash I don’t think it can be included on any “bad movie” lists by default.


Eh, They Live is definitely not a treasure - I mean you couldn’t even put it in Carpenter’s top five. But you couldn’t really call it a bad movie. B movie, sure, but that’s a whole other thing.


Miami Connection is a B movie of some renown, on account of the story of it’s release. It was essentially, lost, and then Alamo Drafthouse found a random copy, and re-released it to, to its current cult-classic-y status, because it’s too 80’s to be real, but somehow is:

In 2009, a programmer at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas, Zack Carlson, found the film on eBay and made a blind $50 bid, which he won.[9] Carlson screened the film in the theater in Austin, Texas and found a positive reception, so he gave the film to the creative director of Drafthouse Films, the distribution division of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. The director, Evan Husney, called Kim, and asked to get permission to re-release the film. Originally Kim believed that his requests were jokes, so he terminated the calls multiple times.


I’ve seen Miami Connection. It is a riot,


Yeah, Miami Connection is definitely one of the top 10 bad movies. Its on Amazon Prime I think


You’re correct!

JustWatch is an awesome site BTW y’all.


Kung Fury (netflix)


Roar. So awesome it almost killed Malnie Griffith as a kid. You can watch Noell Marshall, Tippi Hedren, and Jan de Bont battle lions for real.


Wait, Jan de Bont was an actor before he was a DP?


He was a DP on Roar. The rerelease comes with a mini-doc so you can see all the other injuries.