Axes And Acres


Thanks Tom , gonna give that a watch this week.

In other news, this happened yesterday, and it took many questions and googling to achieve it:


Thankfully the vast majority of the UI issues Tom calls out in that video are fixed now - most importantly saving mid-game is possible. They’ve even done some work on the tutorials, not that it appears to have helped all that much. :)

I agree that the crusade icon is a bit strange. It’s the symbol for a mage in BrainGoodGames’ previous offering, Militia. No idea why they reused it instead of going for a sword and shield or something.

It’s a shame the game is relatively inaccessible, because it’s a gem underneath. I guess the company is doing well enough though, they seem to be putting out lots of games. I’m very grateful for this as there’s not enough proper slow-paced thinky strategy about, especially where the challenge is appropriate for all levels of play.


I’m addicted. Still hovering around level 20.

One thing I learned, and I don’t know how I didn’t know this, is that when you gain movement points, either from a die, or a card, or putting a cross die into a guardhouse, or whatever… you keep those movement points for the rest of the turn. For the longest time I thought you had to use them all before you did anything else. But you don’t! You could, for example, use a die to get 6 moves from a card, use your last food to place a gatherer, move him, have him pick up some food, play another die, move that die into the guardhouse, turn him into a crusader, then move the crusader somewhere to take out a barbarian or spawner. Efficient!

Another thing that is maybe obvious, but having a lot of dice is very good. It’s especially nice when you get points for doing it in the 1st or 2nd round. Of course it takes 4 dice and 2 food to add a die, so it’s an investment; but if you manage to get into round 3 with 12+ dice, you’re probably gonna win in a walk. Castles FTW.


Bouncing around between levels 24 and 27 at the moment. Now tend to lose on the second phase more than the first. Still generally have a few turns to spare at the end of the third phase when I get there.

Things I’ve recently discovered:
I should not play this game when even slightly tired or all the fine margins work against me. :)
The first phase difficulty caps out: you never need more than 18VP from 12 rounds (though they might add more spawners, I guess). Once you can get there fairly reliably, the game briefly gets a little easier. I suspect the second phase will also cap out eventually.
A guardtower seems to be pretty much mandatory at higher levels. I just can’t get a church-based defence working early on without setting my economy too far back.
The VP side on the Royalty die gives you 1VP per 5 buildings (including roads) you own.
Castles FTW.


I haven’t been playing that much lately, but I’ve been bouncing around between level 23-25. In the first round I’ll increase my dice if I either get VPs for them or I get two of the necessary dice early in the round. Having more dice definitely helps.

I’ve never gotten the royalty die, but it sounds like it could be very helpful. I agree that the guard tower becomes necessary in the first round, it’s only a matter of when. I like it when I can get it early enough to kill some spawners for the VP, even if there is no victory condition for them.


Or, you know, TWO castles FTW:

Getting 7 points for two masons in round 1 is like easy mode. You want a Builder’s Hall anyway; once you have two or three cards from it, you can build a castle really fast. Even in this game, where I lost both of my stone pits (even before I had a chance to build quarries on them for 5 points each!)


That’s a whole latta castle. It looks like fountains would have given you more VP bang for your buck with the normal 3 VP + the 2 VP for your build goal. I’ve come to rely on fountains more.


Yeah, but… two castles! And I was three rounds early anyway.


I know, that is pretty cool!


Hey, they added a stats screen!


Hit level 29 (briefly) yesterday, after I managed to finish about 6 rounds early (castle by the middle of phase 2 FTW).

I am wondering if I have been devoting too much time to roads early on. I have recently had success using the move card in turn 1 or 2 to build a house at the far end of the river near to some resources. Depending on map layout and objectives, of course.


I don’t use roads much. My lumberyard is usually right next to a house. I will use roads sometimes to connect to a quarry. I’ve been better about trying to put houses down to minimize travel. But, what do I know, I’m 4 levels behind you :-)


Level 28! 15th on the “current top players” global leaderboard…

I got the “build 20 castles” achievement and the “win 50 games” achievement. The only problem is that at some point the game devolves into “build a castle, throw builder and reproduce dice into it as fast as possible, don’t run out of food” which can get a bit repetitive. But I really want to see if I can get into the top 10, so I will probably keep playing for a while longer.


Nice job Josh!


Yeah, that’s been my target for a while. Afraid I’ve just made it one level harder for you. :)


Curse you! I mean, congrats!


I just realized that the builder’s hall reduces the build cost of buildings by 1. Man I’m slow.


I finally bit and it is great. I recognize and see Less Lucid still up there. Is that one of you?


That’s not me, but I am up there.


Oh crap. I completely missed that. :) Sweet.

Level 8 Bitches!!!