Axis & Allies

What no flames? :) I thought for sure we’d be berated at least by the people who hated KoW.


Hey Guy,

The big dispute now seems to be whether the AI can handle the cheap infantry rush? That Gamespot reviewer’s whole point seemed to be the whole game became a joke simply because, from either the game’s mechanics or a weakness in the AI, there just was no decent counter to his “Infantry Rush”.

It completely depends on the AI, the map, and the map settings. Some AIs are stronger than others.

Oh sure but what IS the counter to a quick infantry rush?


Kittens, cute fluffy kittens. Stops soldiers dead in their tracks.

Darn, I missed the option to build kittens, I should have thought of that.

Probably not too grat against tanks (SPLAT)?

To stop tanks you need giant marshmallows. Or your kittens need to be able to cast magic missle.

Well, you could go the cuddly kitten to vorpal rabbit route.

Actually I’ve found that your kittens last longer if you let the orphans pushing strollers drive them around.

Or on the back of frogs for amphibian landings?

How have you been? Did I see you in the credits for ADOM?

What have you been playing?

Been WAAAAAAAYYYYY tooo long since I did anything related to LOM. Though I did fire it up last year and play again for a bit. God, we messed up that interface.

(I realize I am being lazy, and I could check your posts- but it is more fun to ask.)

I d/l’ed twice from Fileplanet, and both times it was corrupted.

The demo corrupted? I haven’t heard of any consistent problems with DLing the demo. What kind of error do you get?