Ayatollah Khamenei dying of cancer?

The following article states that Iran’s Supreme Leader has been diagnosed with a serious cancer and he will be dead within the year:

This was surprising to me, as I have been following Iranian current events pretty closely for the past 2 years and have never heard of this. Did a quick google search about it and came up with nothing aside from the original article. What’s the deal here? Any chance this is true information?

If he dies and the guy that rises to power has a blue turban we are le fucked!! IRL too.

Hooray for cancer?

That kinda joke still gets under my skin some.


That blue turban guy scared the fuck outta me when I was a kid. As did Orson Welles’ spooky narration.

No joke on that. I think that was one of the worst things I saw as a kid.

Hell yeah. I was traumatized.