B. Wardell on MSNBC

Yo, Bradley, saw you talking about the Political Machine on MSNBC yesterday. Did you enjoy your 59 seconds of fame? They really don’t let you say much of anything, do they? :wink:

Damn. I knew I should have had him sign my copy.

Yea, that was the shortest TV appearance I’ve done. Even the ABC News thing was longer than that one. But at least it was long enough to talk about the game a bit.

How are sales doing? Did the TV appearances help?

How are sales doing? Did the TV appearances help?

Yeah, apparently a sizeable majority of the folks who watch MSNBC were intrigued and might purchase the game.

That could mean at least, what, eight sales?

I’m told sales are going pretty well. But no matter what, it’s still a niche game.

I know that I’m responsible for at least two - I mentioned it to a couple of colleagues (including a former Vilsack employee) and they rushed out to get it.


It seems attractive for casuals, I have a buddy who just bought his first pc game, sim city 2000, and he picked this one up on a whim after I mentioned it.

His pc sucks or I’d push him towards more pc games, but even sim city scared him, he got a tiny bit addicted.

Cool. That’s good to hear.

For our next games we’re implementing a system where the # of polygons on units and such will be very dynamic. The idea being that even someone with really low end hardware will be able to play the game while those with really high end hardware will be able to have really detailed units.

Casual gamers are definitely not a group to lose out on.

Are you doing a remake of Messiah? Cool! :wink: