Babies! (image heavy)

My wife and I now have 2 new kittens: Murray (the bob tail orange kitty) and Sophia. These joins our other kitties Sally and Gus. YAY!

Augh! Cute little demons.

here’s my other two monsters, gussy the big fat orange thing

Now you’ve cut your buffer time to becoming a WoW catass in half! :D


yeah, if I get 4 more for a total of 8 I get instant catass status

[ this is good ]

I like this. But I want to thank you extra just for not making this an actual thread about human babies, which I loathe.

My theoretically male blue collar dwarf hamster whom I just bought and who was supposed to be male just gave birth. When the babies are no longer terrifying naked monsters and the mother stops being so protective of them I’ll take some pictures. They gotta get cute eventually, because the adults are adorable.

Glad to see you have as much piled-up, unopened mail as me.

They look delicious!

Yeah, notice how it’s all under the couch, too.

that’s actually a chair in our dining room. the mail is on the floor because murray knocked it over big time. hes CRAZY!!! I rarely open mail unless it’s a bill or possibly a check. Even then, I dont usually open bills.

Could you take pictures of the hairless freak things, too? I like those types of mammal babies.

I’m picturing a very small and fury worker with a luchbox and a hard hat, punching the clock and cursing the foreman. I think he should get his own show on Adult Swim.

Something I was thinking about earlier, a few years ago Tromik linked to a picture of our cat on weird coincidence. anyway, he grew up to be the big orange thing in the picture above with him and my sally under a lamp. HOW BIZARRE

Heh, here’s the gus image tromik linked:

Gus and Rufus

here’s some of sally when she was a baby:

Sally says “WHAT THE HELL”

Sally giving me the finger

I was thinking the exact same thing and planned to post it, but you beat me to it.


So amazingly fucking funny. wow, I haven’t seen that one before dr. clever.