Baby mode is ready in Amnesia: Rebirth

Title Baby mode is ready in Amnesia: Rebirth
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When March 30, 2021

Frictional has released an update for Amnesia: Rebirth that turns it into a danger-free exploration game..

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I’m hoping devs will start doing this more with walking simulators too, except in reverse. Dear Esther not unsettling enough for you? Add horrific creatures that hunt you through the caves and across the beach! Really, it’s an untapped market.

In its defense, I did get a legitimate jump in Dear Esther the first time I saw one of ghosts.

Proteus has a creepy thing you can discover that, for a few moments, has something chase you. I mean, it’s not Alien Isolation but in such an innocent and downright pleasant game it’s quite a surprise!

Yeah, I didn’t jump but definitely got creeped out by those things. Really understated and effective, at least to me. I am a baby.

But you know, the only Let’s Play I’ve ever watched all the way through (after playing it myself) was someone playing SOMA’s safe mode. I started watching it because I was curious and a little concerned with the idea but the YouTuber said herself that, without it, she probably would never have played it. She was super into it, really engaged with the game’s ideas, themes and story and that was enough to convince me that these ‘baby modes’ are worth it. Edit: here’s the playlist for anyone curious. She explains her situation right at the beginning and quotes Thomas Grip from Frictional too. I think she’s great.

At least with SOMA the horror and appeal isn’t purely in the moment-to-moment play and enemies so ‘neutering’ them doesn’t harm the experience too much. I mean, if stuff isn’t going to ‘get you’ then where’s the tension of being discovering, the terror of trying to get away and the eventual release and relief of escaping? Safe modes do undermine that but… if someone was never going to play anyway, then it’s still a net gain.

Don’t be a wimp.

I’ll be keeping the monsters. I think how each one had different mechanics and were tied to a limited area in SOMA was mostly clever, outside of maybe the dark stealth section because it was just bad.

The whole game was a dark stealth section!

That’s what I enjoyed the most about them. Each was a unique creature with its own set of rules, and discovering those rules and then figuring out how to beat them was very satisfying. The price of failure was soiled pants, but it was a price I was willing to pay.

Please note, I did not actually soil my pants.

Honestly, I only worked out how a few of them behaved, the rest I just generally avoided or was super careful around. My motto is ‘He who runs away, can run away another day!’ Last thing I need is krayzpants.

IIRC looking at one caused it to easily kill you while another was blind and only reacted to and followed sound.

I meant the even darker section.

Because she’s pregnant right? I get it!