Baby vs Cobra - FIGHT!


You can almost see the cobra thinking “Okay, what the /fuck/?” on its third strike…

It is rather odd that someone was filming that.

Well the cobra was pretty clearly de-fanged, so I imagine the cameraman knew the kid wasn’t in any danger.

Fair enough.

That was freaking me out. And I actually really like snakes.

I would not touch anything making a noise like that.

Crazy. Defanged or not, what the hell.

Until the end when the cobra inadvertenly wraps it’s tail around the kid, and you hear a woman scream right before it cuts.

While I can understand why that development would freak somebody out, even then I don’t think the baby was in any real danger. Cobras aren’t constrictors.

Holy crap though. That is insane.

Kinda sad to see that as that cobra is as good as dead. Once they’re defanged they pretty much starve themsevles to death along with having to endure the pain of having your fucking fangs ripped out.

I prefer to think that it was just being friendly. Liked being petted by children. And afterwards, posed for a photo with the kid while wearing a hat.

It’s an Indian snake charmer tribe, and that’s a childhood initiation ritual. They raise the kids surrounded by snakes before they learn the trade and heading off out into the world of snakecharming.

Shenanigans! Are you serious? If so: Thats fucked up.

And I saw this video the other day… and I gotta say, everytime the snake went in for a strike, a part of me is like “Go for the eyes… go for the eyes!”, while another part went “Aww, poor kid!”

It’s something like that yeh, the travelling entertainers like the snakecharmers have to come from somewhere no?

Besides, there are far worse fates for the poor of India than a career in street entertainment.

Like this?

Ohhh! So Gypsies.

Wouldn’t that kid’s eyes be at risk even from a defanged snake? I just wouldn’t want a cobra striking my kid.

That kid’s unstoppable advance has forced the snake out of the ring. I declare a new champion!

Man. If that kid’s name isn’t “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” it should be.