Babylon 5: Complete series $105.49

Quick, before the others get to it!!!

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While Firefly remains my favorite scifi TV series, Bab5 is my favorite scifi TV series that lasted more than 1/2 a season.

I should probably add this to the nerd rage thread.

If you’re going to shorten “Babylon 5”, don’t be such a pussy about it: B5. Trust me, people will know what you’re talking about. Do you also talk about “StaWa” and “DeSpa9”?

Please don’t mention DS9 in the same thread as B5, then I will nerd rage.


Fine, ReDwa then.

As will I. Never sully DS9 by mentioning it around inferior shows. :(

Nice try, but your attempt was much too obvious. >:D

My attempt at what? I’m agreeing with you. DS9 is awesome!

Excellent. Ordered.

Totally agree. DS9 is nowhere nearly as good as B5.

Yeah, I don’t know what the DS9 people were thinking, hiring all those actors who could actually act.

Yeah, it puzzles the hell out of me as well.

My theory is that it was an attempt to offset their shows awful writing.

Doesn’t anyone remember that DS9 is a rip-off of B5?

Can’t pass up a deal like that.


Babylon 5 - Ivanova’s human sex style

I’ve just recently started watching Babylon 5 for the first time on Hulu. So far the writing seems quite solid for television Sci Fi, even though it’s still episodic (I’ve been promised that eventually it will be more of a serial - is that true? Because that’s what will keep me coming back)

Anyway, if you miss this deal or don’t want to shell out the $100, don’t worry, it’s on Hulu! Not that that is guaranteed to last or anything, and you true fans who don’t own it yet probably care more about being able to have guaranteed access in the future…

The first season sows the seeds of the things to come. A lot of things you may consider unimportant now actually have a deeper meaning later. The big arc starts in season 2.

BY mid season 2 Babylon 5 becomes very grand novel feeling…it just take a bit. By season 4 it sets the standard of grand epic of a space opera novel in media form.

I give props to DS9 for being episode per episode stronger acting and story wise, but as far as grand archs Babylon 5 sets the standard of creating a novel that plays out over 4 seasons, with season 5 being the longest epilogue ever! However the last few episodes are so poignant, it reminds me of how i felt when I finsihed Bio of a Space Tyrrant series.

Part of you is ‘thank god its over’ and the rest feels the loss and is ‘wait, no it can’t end, it’s too soon, and not like this!’

Im suprised by the lack of Farscape love here. It definetly has its weak moments but its a decent serial, and the Peace Keeper wars is by far the best ending I’ve seen to a TV series.