Babylon 5 movie to start filming in April

Another unknown force? How many of them are there in the Bab5 universe? Or is it just the Drakh?

Ehh, I may go see it but the premise doesn’t sound that interesting.
I really liked the tv series but the best parts were anytime with Gkar or Londo. I always found their story far more interesting than the Shadow story, or anything with Earth or Mimbar.

I’m guessing this isn’t even the full premise- probably the first five minutes or so. The complete absence of any series regular other than Galen (and counting Crusade is stretching it) leads me to believe there is a lot more to it.

Little concerned about the director- his only prior films are Thirteen Ghosts and Ghost Ship. He worked in the visual effects industry prior to helming those films and I’m sure the effects experience will be an asset.

I’ll see it, but it does worry me with the fact that the series regulars are missing. As for the director: Thirteen Ghosts wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. We’ll see.

I wouldn’t assume the series regulars are missing. Every comment JMS has made has indicated that everyone who wants to return will be able to (and I think most will). Since this is “leaked” info I’m betting they don’t have the full story and the bit above is the stepping point not the entire plot.

Claudia Christian!? No, I guess not :(

Well, it’s not like she’s busy working on something that would require her to skip a few weeks/episodes this time.

Last I heard she was doing some british comedy sci-fi show.

Babylon 5 without Claudia Christian is not worth watching.

And that’s not just because I like her looks, either. The show took a total nosedive after she left. I think it’s at least in part that JMS simply burned out as a writer and is too possessive of his opus to let somebody edit him (which he desperately needs), but also she may be able to smell a stinker better than some.

I don’t think so. The show took a “nosedive” in season 5 because JMS didn’t think there would BE a season 5. So he wrapped up the story he wanted to tell in season 4, rushing the ending a bit, IMO. Season 5 was tacked on because it got picked up (by TNT?) and the writing suffered as a result. To blame it on Christian just doesn’t seem right. And she left over a dispute, details of which are available if you want them. She didn’t “quit” per se, so it isn’t likely that she saw the series taking a dive. I suppose it is possible though. If she DID know, that would indicate that the show gowing down had nothing to do with her, since it would have happened whether she was there or not. Oh, and I never found her pretty.

First part of Season Five was weak but I thought the second half was pretty damn fantastic.

There were a lot of good episodes in Season 5 really. Also, don’t blame JMS, blame the funding issues. His posts on usenet say that Season 4 would have ended on “Intersections in Real Time” which is the episode where Sheridan is being tortured by Earthforce.

I’ve always said that season five works great as long as you pretty much ignore any of the telepath arc. If it was possible to edit every last bit of it out, while still managing to keep Bester in, it’d be another good season.

I have to admit that after four years of being a hardcore fan, a variety of factors removed me from cable and I never saw season 5.

When I started working at Cartoon Network (a part of the Turner family) I got some inside scoop as to what happened on the show:

Basically JMS and TBS ended up hating each other, and at some point he basically walked away from the day to day work on the show. There was a young producer who was a big fan, and they put him in charge, which of course, was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him… Supposedly his life became a living hell for the rest of that year.

Andrew- that sounds like what happened to Crusade, not B5.

Essentially when JMS went to TNT the shows were intially run by the LA office of TNT and they got along great. They made Season Five and several TV movies with little conflict and JMS was pretty excited to sign the deal with them for Crusade.

Just before Crusade started filming the LA office of TNT closed and the Altanta office took control of the show. That’s when the conflict started. TNT started asking for more action and T&A to better fit their demographic and made massive demands for script changes. Lots of disagreement between JMS and TNT lead TNT to cancel the show six months before it even aired.

That could be it. Unfortunately it’s been a few years, and I heard it as an aside. Perhaps I won’t tell that story anymore…