Babylon's Fall - Platinum's co-op combat opera

It’s a live service game.

Oh, right, Platinum did the Nier Automata combat.

Looks great

Wait, there was a thread for this?

I don’t have interest on the game, nor in Platinum, but it seems it has bombed so much that is being news.

Just a heads up that it’s not balanced around single player. Like TMNT, I think I’ll be skipping this one.

Really bad time to launch this game, right after Horizon and Elden Ring, same day as Triangle Strategy and Gran Turismo, with Stranger of Paradise only a couple weeks away.

That said, I have enjoyed what I played in the beta and demo. Getting a Devil May Cry style action game to work in online co-op must be a serious technical challenge, and in that it works quite well. The missions move fast and kinda remind me of Warframe with the way players sprint through them. You get loot at a pretty good clip, and I like the painterly style. I’ve also read the combat gets really interesting in the mid and late game as you open up new abilities and mission types.

The overwhelming skepticism this game has faced feels pretty unearned. Lots of overt hostility about it being a co-op focused game, which is especially ironic given the groundswell of people still demanding the revival of Scalebound.

No longer available for purchase as of today. The game will be shut down and fully unplayable after February 28 next year, slightly less than a year after its release. I can’t remember a $60 release being rendered completely unplayable in such short order.

I’d forgotten this even existed