Back 4 Blood

I don’t like the addition of WoW/Diablo-style loot.

I tried this with my son. I also didn’t understand the card system, and I dislike the loadout screen.
What should I choose?

I also felt that movement is off. I think it’s just slow?

I ended up buying my son L4D2, and we had a lot of fun playing that.

Cards are game play modifiers you can apply to your character and team.

I think the easiest way to think of the player deck is as a skill tree, albeit a branchless one.

You build your deck between runs. Basically you are pre building your character, choosing the 15 level ups and the order they are available that you will have during any given campaign run.

During the campaign run, at every new game level, you will be able to activate one more card. The presentation might make you think it is a choice of random cards, but it isn’t.

At the start of the campaign your “top” card, as ordered by you when you built your deck, is active. You can then choose to activate one of your next 5 cards in your deck. You always choose from the top-most remaining 5. No shuffling or discarding.

I’ll note that if you join a game in progress, you will be given multiple card choices at once to “catch up” to the rest of the party.

Presenting this as cards is, my opinion, needlessly confusing, but maybe it makes sense to the sorts of people who play pokemon and magic the gathering.

After each level, you are awarded supply points (not copper) based on your performance during the level. Back at the hub, you can spend those supply points to buy more game play impacting cards, although you are sometimes forced to spend them on silly things such as spray paint decals that hardly even qualify as cosmetic, since they will rarely ever be seen by anyone during a typical run.

Finally, you can pick up or buy (with copper) temporary cards during a run. These cards will only apply to your current run and once you head back to the hub, they are gone.

Man, I just want to shoot some zombies. A manual should not be required.

But thanks for taking the time to write all of this :)

Thanks for the writeup.

Are the supply points you earn just XP to unlock 1-time (fuck, I hope it’s 1-unlock-and-done, ie. get to keep them) the supply lines aka. cards right?

Thanks for that post Dave, that nicely answered a lot of my questions about the card thing.
Now that I have 3 pages of cards I am more confused than ever about what to take lol.

I’ve only played once, but starting out the Extra Copper card seems like a no-brainer.

Are all those blue and purple weapons persistent in the game? Like, if you find a purple SCAR can you keep it for the next campaign?

Not at all. Only kept until you drop it for the same -run- under the same host if you have continues remaining.

I want to like this game. I don’t get the cards, at all, they aren’t explained really at all, and researching them seems like a bother. That’s not my biggest problem, though.

It doesn’t feel right. As a shooter I mean. It feels weird. IDK if it’s the half life engine, if it’s even based on that, but this is not a fun shooter to play. My character feels like it’s skating around, the shooting and recoil has no weight behind it, and looking around feels loose. It’s hard to describe.

I don’t know what little micro optimizations studios like Bungie and Respawn put into their shooters to make them feel good and put some weight behind the weapons, but these other devs need to take notes.

It’s Unreal Engine 4.

My take on what I’ve seen and read about it so far is this: no way I’m paying 59 bucks for it.

Free on gamepass is the most I am willing to pay, the card stuff is still confusing after playing a half dozen matches during the beta.

Yeah, don’t have nor want gamepass, so I’ll just sit it out and see what people make of it here.

After Evolve these guys turned entirely into a wait and see developer for me (bordering on never buy anything from them).

May have already said this, but after the super smooth gamepad controls on evolve this game really disappointed me with how bad it feels on gamepad. I like the card system myself and it seems like a fun addition to mix things up. However unless the controls are completely different I will skip. Have gamepass so no worries :)

Are you playing with k/m or gamepad?

Xbox controller

Have you tried with k/m? Does it have the same issue? I’ve seem to recall other UE4 games that behave like this.