Back 4 Blood

Oh, absolutely! But it’s not really a mammoth campaign so much as four ways to play. The whole point of the game is to finish a run with your choice of character, weapon, and cards.

There are four “runs”, or acts, available in the game, and some of them share the same levels, but they’re all mixed up by the corruption cards and director actions. If you want to fast-forward past the early levels, I think that’s the purpose of the later acts. They’re harder, so they start you off with more cards. In fact, Act IV is just a big boss fight with all your cards in play. But I will gladly play through any act again just because I’m enjoying the synergy among four dramatically different variables: 1) the people with whom you’re playing, 2) the character you’ve chosen, 3) the weapon you’re using, and 4) the cards you put into play. And I will gladly keep playing Back 4 Blood, not to get through any sort of “mammoth campaign”, but to try out the various combinations among those four factors.

And to unlock more cards, of course!


I myself have a few levels I never want to revisit. :)

I’d pop in if a co-ops partner was needed.

But I am not going to play with randoms anymore, its like people never played a team focused co-op video game before. I swear the other day the public quick join game I played over 3 maps in act 3 had someone intentionally setting off all the horde triggers.

I imagine them sitting on their couch like this:
Taking in the pleasures of immense pain they are causing the team.

Perhaps more than any of the similar games I’ve played – Aliens, World War Z, Vermintide, Payday – this game needs communication among the players, and not just in terms of the moment-to-moment stuff like calling out tough enemies or covering each other. For instance, the way we’ve been sharing ammo and money has made a huge difference, and that’s almost never going to happen with public groups.

This is in marked contrast to similar games which seem to take pains to allow players to get by with as little communication as possible.


Does game play differ by which character you play as, or am I misunderstanding what you mean by that?

Yes, gameplay differs by character! And in some cases, dramatically. There are plenty of powers associated with cards, but some things are unique to specific characters. Karlee, for instance, lights up all hazards and special enemies. No one else can do that, which makes her uniquely suited for scouting or hunting special enemies.

Some characters help specific builds. Holly’s the obvious choice for a melee build, but then again Evangelo gets free breakouts when he’s grabbed by enemies, which is a constant peril for melee builds (everyone else has to use an inventory slot to tote around stunguns, but Evangelo can’t carry something else instead). If you want to be a dedicated healer, which is probably necessary on harder difficulty levels, you want Doc for her free healing and inherent healing bonus (other characters need cards to heal efficiently). To flex consumable weapons like grenades and pipebombs, you want Hoffman. Mom’s free revives are probably a godsend on harder difficulty levels. And each character also gives the team a different bonus.

But, yes, the characters definitely play differently.


My QT3 L4D2 plays were the best online videogaming experiences I ever had.

Chasing that experience will keep me playing B4B for a while.


This remind me to their previous game, Evolve, which was very teamwork oriented.

These people do exist. Years ago on the Games for Windows podcast there was one west coast, stoner sounding character who would always share his weekly griefing exploits. He just seemed to take delight in ruining the game experience for everyone else.

Prior to that, I had always charitably assumed we were just dealing with young children or the slightly touched, as one might say.


Xbox stats (clear Gamepass influence here)

Steam stats

Heh, more proof that people on Steam work together :


10-19-2021 7-29-14 AM 10-19-2021 7-28-52 AM

Wish there was an achievement for sharing copper.

@lordkosc Yes, and it should be named throwing copper.

Also, that healing a teammate percentage on Xbox - Oof! That’s brutal. The ammo thing is a little more understandable since it requires faffing around inside menus.

The xbox percentages are biased, because I think at least half of the ‘xbox players’ are people who tried it for curiosity for 10 minutes, thanks go Gamepass.
Unlike Steam players, as the only way they are playing it’s fully paying for it. That’s a pretty big filter, that selects only the people really interested on playing it.

I suspect its deeper than that, and I say that as someone playing on gamepass.

And what would those deeper reasons be, just out of curiosity?

Act3 with pubs is making me lose my sanity - anybody feel like teaming up tonight sometime after 8 eastern? Add me please - TheDude#3259

Tried playing the PC GamePass version with my brother and sister last night. My brother kept getting booted with “disconnected from the server’ almost like clockwork every couple of minutes. Couldn’t figure it out.

@Vesper I think they were having some issues with the servers last night. I had a Steam friend ask me how I got into the game as he kept getting similar messages - I think I just lucked out by virtue of already being online prior to that starting.

Edit: They put out a couple tweets about the servers being down last night.

I’d love to join you, @fishpockets. How about 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern? Anyone else want to join us at that time?


Works for me! Thanks Tom.

I should be available as well. If we need a 4th I can find someone I’m sure