Back 4 Blood

Reporting for duty, at least for an hour or two. :P

Here are the special infected types:

Oh yeah, the cards are also a good point. Mix & match for your own build.
The character classes/perks also give a small but interesting twist.
Weapons have the the needed variety, without having extraneous choices. 30 weapons in total, basically one for every needed archetype. For example, with pistols: Quick pistol, heavy pistol, burst pistol, auto pistol. Etc
The AI is pretty decent. Some people complained in the beta, but I’m seeing it following you well, healing you, reviving you, and not making super dumb shit.

Some levels are very short, it’s almost puzzling how some are 20 minutes and others are 5 minutes, you know?
There is something wrong with the game. Or well, with my router, one of the two. With quickplay I join very quickly to games, but when trying to host my campaign and make people join it, no one ever comes.

I’m BSA1979#4992 on Gamepass.

Edit: I liked it enough to actually buy it. New ingame ID is: TheDude#3259

Some of the levels are just shoved into the sequence as connective tissue. It mixes up the pacing, which I really appreciate considering the entire structure of Back 4 Blood is “how far can you get in one run?” It’s markedly different from World War Z and Aliens: Fireteam Elite, where any given level is a discrete entity that you might as well play on its own, regardless of the level you just played or the one you’ll play next. Back 4 Blood is an endurance run, whereas the other games in this genre tend to be sprints.


mono#7088 here, and I might be able to slip in around 10PM EST.

How do you end up with such an awesome username in Discord and that vanilla assortment of letters and numbers in Back 4 Blood? :)


@tomchick Random old Xbox gamertag that I’ve had forever. Sorry to let you down!

I can’t believe there are 3,229 other Tom Chicks on Xbox Live! I’m planning to jump in on my Xbox, not sure if cross play is possible (or desirable) but if I see you jokers I’ll give you a shout. Oh and my gamer tag is also divedivedive by the way.

It worked well during the beta with my friend!

Has anyone been able to create a party using the in-game interface? We can only get it going using the Steam client.

Haven’t tried yet.

@mono I can’t find you in the xbox social area of the app. :(

I’m Wessex on Xbox. I’d play with you guys later, but I got NO TIME TO DIE tonight.

I just sent you an in-game friend request.

Got it, all good!

I played a quick couple of levels w/ pubbies. L4D but a bit more modern graphics. I’m not thrilled w/ the need for various types of ammo, cards and purchasing upgrades but I’ll give it time to grow on me.

Stamina is life in this game.

I’ll probably be playing it on my stream around 9ish ET tonight if people want to group up.

I can’t find you in the xbox friends app.

I’m on PC with it.

Tonight’s few levels with @tomchick @Jason_McMaster and @mono was really enjoyable, game is a lot more fun with an organized group.

McMaster had an obscene level of kills with the minigun before we signed off for the night. :)

@Jab I am on PC, but via gamepass, I’ll keep an eye out for you next time.