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First hotfix:

  • Campaignthis is an attempt to address some of the concerns regarding the challenges presented by some difficulties.
    • Roaming Special Spawn rate decreased on all difficulties
    • Adjusted Supply Point earning rates for Blue Dog Hollow: The Sound of Thunder to better account for level repeats
  • Swarmadjustments made in response to what we’ve observed with Swarm matches.
    (Skipped, who cares about pvp lol)

So like 9 special enemies aren’t supposed to all be attacking at once?

Once you know what you’re doing on the Sound of Thunder level, it’s a really short level. All that work getting up that damn Blue Dog Hollow Mountain, with its mining chutes clogged with zombies, just to shove a few rounds into a howitzer!


Public games are so horrible, I mean like 10x worse than L4D ever was. I point out a heath cabinet in a mission, tag it, 2 people on the team NEED it to recover lost health bar. I tell them verbally over the mic to come heal up. And then I type it out in chat. NOPE. Both just run along like I am not even on the team.

That patch is full of lies, the quick join game I just played had at least seven specials attacking us, when 3 of them cause player incapacitation its total BS.

Yeah, if they did decrease the amount of specials it was only by a small amount. I just finished a play session and we were still seeing a ton of them.

The only safe time I have for taking screenshots is in the saferooms, so behold another toilet.

I think we are half way into act 2 now, and I am pretty sure this game isn’t gonna be in my top 10 for the year, almost wish there was an easier difficulty to just be able to finish the campaign in another night or two. :P

Yeah, I started actually trying to play this for real today, and I was not having any fun.

The difficulty is ridiculous, even on the easiest difficulty setting.

I remember the beta being more fun for a reason, maybe perhaps hardcore L4D vets were playing it. This one, all the randos I’m playing with are all over the place in terms of skill.

I’m really having a difficult time getting into this.

L4D didn’t give you unlimited ammo, but at the same time, running out of ammo was never really an issue. Ammo was universal. Here, everyone is running low of ammo on the final act, the one where the game is throwing three or four specials at you at the same time, on top of hordes of regular zombies.

I’m really struggling to see how they this got through playstesting.

Didn’t L4D have unlimited pistol ammo? Its been ages since I played.

Mac has his review up. 6.5/10 and I feel its spot on.

10-15-2021 1-02-36 AM

I’ve really enjoyed runs with friends. I have not enjoyed my runs with randos.

This is not a “git gud” post. My group is all old, slow reacting, bad eyed, oldsters - so we’re not exactly Thresh or Fatality or anything approaching “gud,” but we played a ton of the beta and have been chipping away through the campaign for the last few nights.

I do think most of the difficulty issues people are having comes from (1) bad pickup groups, (2) not knowing the levels, and (3) ineffective and/or non-synergizing builds.

There isn’t much you can do about 1, unfortunately. This is the standard bane of online play.

2 is important and just comes with repetition. There are better places to ride out hordes, times you just need to run, common nasty tricks the AI director uses, mini-gun traps and mini-gun “traps”, etc…

3 is a little less obvious but also important. Having the right individual, team cards and equipment based on knowing the levels can be the difference between easy success and frustrating futility.

For example, the lead up to the Howitzer is almost trivially easy if you have extra offensive inventory slots and load up on grenades to close mine shafts before very many ridden can spawn. The Howitzer itself is pretty light work if everyone works together, controls the pace, makes use of the minigun, and brings a handful of pipe bombs.

On the flip side, the cruise ship mission was a head banger until we learned that our usual methodical advance was suicide and we just needed to run non stop once the gas tank blows.

We’ve found having a dedicated special slayer is great. Load up on bullet penetration, bullet damage and ammo cards, and building a light machine gun with huge bullet capacity and stagger means you can mow down specials.

If you are going to make a post discussing the difficulty, you should indicate what difficulty you are playing.

I believe so, yes, because I was surprised this game didn’t.

You are correct. You could also, at one point at least (I’m assuming they patched it eventually - haven’t played in a decade+) rebind shoot to the mousewheel and turn the pistol into an infinite ammo uzi.

I’m seeing a lot of the same things with the pub groups - ninja looting, them having no idea how the levels work, etc. I’ve played about 7 hours now and only had one other person use their mic so far - I wish they hadn’t…It may just be a generational thing, but L4D definitely had a lot more random people willing to talk with each other. Almost my entire Steam friends list is random people I met playing L4D 1&2.

I’m going to turn off crossplay today and see if that helps any. At least maybe I’ll get some people who use their mics if I stick to PC.

Edit: That definitely helps get more people with mics at least…

Usually bottom with randoms and middle with friends. The hardest level is ridiculously rough, but it should be. The complaints I’ve heard are mainly regarding the middle difficulty.

I had a question about that. Are Xbox game pass players grouped with the Almighty PC Gamers or, with cross play off, are we “cast down with the console gamers?”

I just tried joining TheDude (computer icon) with my Xbox gamepass icon and got:


Ah, crap, guess you answered your own question. I can open it up again if you want in, we’ve got a spot.

Please do.

Actually crap, it won’t let you in progress - we’re about to wrap the chapter though if you are still interested in about half an hour, we can group up then.

If I’m on, invite me to party when you are able. Thanks