Back 4 Blood

I’m almost certain my usual crew won’t buy this until it’s on a deep discount, unfortunately. If it ever gets cross-play that would open up my immediate roster!

That said, I doubt I’ll be touching it while it’s still in early development.

Must be delay announcement day, just read this got pushed to Oct.

What’s the other one?

Humankind got pushed too.

Sadness , pushed back to October 12th.


Oh god.

I guess I’m out.

Yeah, this was reported on back when IGN covered it (see a bit earlier in the thread). I still think the card system looks interesting. On top of the AI director the modifiers should spice things up and hopefully encourage different playstyles and unlikely synergies. I liked some of the examples shown in that trailer.

Apparently there’s a ‘classic’ card-free mode too. One of the devs also said that the card system won’t be monetised but… well, we’ll see on that one.

Yeah, I do too. Might not be for everyone, but seems like a natural evolution of the Left 4 Dead formula…sort of like mutators from Infested Planet and other games. Should help to keep things spicy and fresh. Nice that they are offering a classic mode too.

Yeah exactly. It looks like Vermintide has been toying with those in the more recent DLC so it makes sense here. One of the best things about L4D is the AI director because it means you can play the same levels over and over again with very different outcomes. You start adding survivor and infected mutators to that and I imagine you’ve got all kinds of crazy situations on your hands. It’s going to be really interesting to see what kind of strategising there will be in the safe room depending on the cards.

Yeah I agree, lets hope its tied to earning them via gameplay and not being bought via lootbox or dlc.

This is where I heard one of the developers say that the cards wouldn’t be monetised:

Ah ok , that better be front and center on the Steam page. :)

Yeah, they need to make that a lot clearer to folks. A card system in a multiplayer game comes with the expectation that you’re going to screw players with a real money purchase system. If that’s not what they’re going to do, they need to shout that from rooftops.

It’s funny how they have created the problem on their own. They could have called them perks, or skills, or talents. But no, cards. Gamers know that in other games you buy card packs.

Well, I’m down on release day, L4D2 was easily in my top 2 or 3 video game experiences.

Weird, I don’t have that “cards = microtransactions” reaction at all. Did you guys feel that way about, for example, Trials of Fire?

I could see it as a natural reaction to the term, harking back to pure card games where collecting is half the point. This seems a lot more like Warzone unlocks for weapons or HOTS talent selection at different levels. Don’t mind it a bit. Pay to win doesn’t seem to be a factor here, particularly since the cards I saw on the videos upthread seem to be balanced pretty well.

Ya, i didn’t get that vibe at all, my read of it was perks, just another name. I do think they need to go into how the cards are accessed though - there’s a world of difference between “all-cards are available” to “all-cards are unlockable” to “Remember what EA did with Battlefront?”

Hopefully they go the way of replayability as in L4D, where everything is essentially unlocked and you’re playing for the fun of it rather than the WWZ model where every fucking thing is locked and the fun gets sucked out by having to replay it 18 times to open up the stuff you want.