Back 4 Blood

I was a huge L4D fan, but also playing L4D and the toxicity around the versus mode is part of the reason I am very exceptical towards coop games. People behavior is not always their best online, or sometimes is the game itself that conspire against the players.

B4B have friendly fire on the default dificulty, it seems, and thats a terrible point that is going to make “playing with strangers” terrible, maybe tolerable to play with friends, that I don’t have.

Nice report, thanks guys.

I primarily played solo (yeah, I’m a loser) and with a friend or two in either co-op or versus. I’d likely play this like crazy when it’s finally released!

Gamepad controls on xbox are very subpar which surprised me. Evolve had really smooth controls for example.

I played a couple of rounds with my son. I don’t hate it but there’s something different compared to L4D but I can’t put my finger on it.

On another note, steam shows that it’s still running after I stopped playing, but it doesn’t show in task manager.

i listened to the clips, it really sounds like it:

The game feels a bit more coop with coordination than L4D. For example the ammo types makes it so, as you should give the ammo types you aren’t using to your mates with the appropriate type, and it’s ideal for one go shotguns, the other go sniper rifle, etc, don’t repeat types.
Same with the cards, with them you can for example, heal more efficiently than the rest of your friends, so you should coordinate with your pals to get the first aid kits and use them on your friends.

This is of course, a double edge sword, as public play may suffer.

edit: (replying to above) unfortunate sound clip, if only because the game doesn’t need anything more to start being punching bag in the community.

The “what’d you call me” clip is pretty funny, though.

It’s a shame 2 out of my 5-person regular gaming crew gets motion sickness from B4B even with motion blur turned off. They never felt that with WWZ but that could be because of its third-person camera? Anyone have any tips on mitigating this?

Maybe. I got a little nauseated the first night I played. That isn’t something that has happened in a FPS in decades (VR is a different story).

I found a FOV fix for wide screen monitors that seems to have helped.

Yes, 1 out of the 2 has a giant ass 21:9 monitor. I’ll relay this fix. Thanks @davehemke

I have found the fov is far more likely to cause this than motion blur. some games were completely unplayable for me until they added the option. Looking at you console Vermintide

WTF is up with this on PC, I have tried to finish a round almost a dozen times now and I keep getting signed out? Right back to the base.

I’ve only been playing on PC, and haven’t had that issue.

Something about the gunplay just doesn’t feel right to me. I don’t know the correct terminology, but aiming and movement feels “floaty” to me. Weird.

I most other respects it really does feel like the Left 4 Dead 3 people thought they were getting years ago. The campsite is the only outright dumb new addition. All of these newer co-op shooters seem to have this obsession with blowing a menu out into an environment to navigate and waste time in.

I’ve been having a blast, but I’ve also been running with a few friends, and with a good group almost any MP can be fun. We’re chatting, catching up, and killing zombies at the same time.

I like the corruption cards, they seem like a “dev cheap” way of adding some variety to the game. The game really shines on harder difficulty levels when 5+ corruption cards are in play due to how tense and dangerous the game feels.

Ally bots are horrible. Our very first run, we had a bot Evangelo that we decided was the team MVP. He consistently had the most kills, never went down, and was constantly alerting us to danger.

That campaign has turned out to be an anomaly. Since then, we’ve experienced bots standing around doing nothing, exposing their “wall hacks” by constantly trying to shoot through walls and other objects, running into hazards, having to teleport around because they are so bad at keeping up with the team, failing to make any attempt to avoid getting in melee range of the ridden, standing next to fallen or incapacitated comrades while doing nothing to help, etc…

Now the joke, when we only have 3 human players, is that the best way to use the bot is to incapacitate them ourselves to get the passive 25pt heal that one of the campaign cards grants when a team member is downed.

I think the gun play on PC is fine, but I have heard auto-aim is over tuned for console-kidz.

Graphics, while not ray-tracing incredible, look pretty good to me. I do appreciate that my aging 1080ti can handle the game quite well, even pushing frames on 3440x1440 monitor. My one big gripe here is the horrible wide-screen and fov issue discussed earlier in this thread.

Sound could be a little “bigger”, but in general its solid. They did such a good job with directional sound and audio cues that a blind man could probably do an alright job playing the game.

I can imagine this becoming a regular and semi-regular “get together” game for a time, but it isn’t calling me, siren like, to fire it up solo and cheat on my gaming buddies either.

Yeah, ‘floaty’ is the word I used when talking to friends about it too. I also think the melee feels really weightless and weak. The punching animation and feedback are terrible.

We noticed on repeat plays of the first few stages that they felt pretty much scripted with the boss appearing in the same place and nearly all Ridden coming from in front of us, instead of behind and all around like in L4D. This basically meant that any hordes were dispatched at convenient bottlenecks. It didn’t feel like there was much of an AI director and coupled with the very short and narrow stages, it started to feel more repetitive than I’d have liked. Until about stage 4 we only ever encountered 2 or 3 special Ridden which only added to this feeling. I’m not sure we’ll be able to shake calling them boomers, spitters and hunters.

Stage 4 with the bridge, cruise ship and army turning up started to feel more like L4D with regards to the difficult amping up and it feeling genuinely dangerous, requiring co-op and tighter play. Contrast that with the first few stages, on medium and hard, where we were mostly talking with minimal co-ordinated play. Stage 4 is also when the big arm fella turned up and messed us up big time. Definitely feels better when the difficulty is dialled right up.

I dabbled with the versus mode and wow, the arenas are so much smaller than I expected–nothing like chapter finales in L4D. We’re talking a few small buildings and maybe a clearing/car park nearby. Bit of a clusterfuck but immediate and interesting to see how folk sequence and synchronise attacks.

All in all, I’m disappointed and underwhelmed. That said, one of my friends and I still have a hankering to play more so… maybe something is there. I’d love to have seen other ‘corruption’ cards to mix things up more. Fog was the only real mutator we came across.

Oh, and cross-play worked flawlessly. We only had a few inexplicable instances of being dumped back to camp on PC and Xbox.

Have you played WWZ? It feels LESS floaty than WWZ oddly.

I agree with @rei WWZ has a better feel to combat.

I hope to get a few games of B4B in tonight, if I can stay signed in.

When is the game due out? Are the problems being listed something that can be fixed in the remaining window? Really hoping to get into this with my boys - we spent countless hours on L4D1,2 and WWZ.

October sometime?