Back home from the hospital


Brutha you are impressive and an encouragement!


Congrats! That is a lot of weight loss. You know at some point it will slow, so be prepared to be mentally tough! Good luck!


Awesome!! Great job, especially through the Holidays!

You’re building great habits every day.


Yes, that is awesome!


Saw my regular doctor a few days ago, resting heart rate is now in the high 60s, blood pressure was 124/76, and I’ve now lost just shy of 30 lbs. This week’s cheat meal was Godfather’s pizza followed by raw homemade chocolate chip cookie dough.


Good on ya! Keep it up!


That’s awesome, dude.

I had hot cocoa the other night I prepared with homemade almond milk and organic cacao powder. It was quite good other than getting it sweet enough without sugar just wasn’t happening. I’ve got a recipe for chocolate avocado ice cream I want to try.

Are you working any exercise in yet?


Wow, that’s awesome. Good job! I wish I could do that right now.


Absolutely! A few months ago I struggled to get 10 minutes in on the family elliptical we have down in the basement. It’s a decent unit, we paid $1.5k for it, but it’s obviously not as nice as the ones at the base gym ($3-4k LifeFitness units), but before I lost weight it would lean me forward, putting my back at just the right angle to stress my lower back since I hold onto the stabilizer bars rather than the regular (rotating) hand grips (due to having rotator cuff surgery six years ago). The first few weeks following the cath it was still warm enough to walk outside, which we did daily, and I think this along with weight loss has helped my back. So I can now do 30-minute sessions on it without any problems.

I also have a full dumb bell rack that I use for lifting, though I can’t throw around as much weight as I used to due to my left shoulder limiting me.

First follow-up with my cardiologist is tomorrow. I’m hoping he leaves my meds alone, I’ve adjusted fairly well to both. The headaches the Imdur caused lasted almost a full week, and I still get them from time to time.


Awesome. I started doing a couple of very simple things back in August of last year and have just added on more and more. Now I am doing a combination of stretches, resistance band work, cardio, and yoga. About 10 hours a week, all told. Getting results is hard when you get old, lol.


So I visited my a cardiologist for the first time last week. My regular doctor thought he heard something unusual. But the cardiologist says everything is fine, but I will still need to do a stress test for him in two weeks.

@John_Reynolds, nice to see how well you have done. Losing weight (and keeping it off) is hard to do.


Congrats on the hard fought progress, man. You are an example for all of us to do better. Keep at it.


That’s honestly amazing to me. Seriously, great job.


Haven’t felt well at all for the last week–headaches, light-headed, not sleeping well–and found out why today. My first month’s scrip of Imdur ran out and the nurse from the doctor’s office called in the wrong meds that I’ve been taking for the past 10 days. It’s still Imdur, but a different composition of nitroglycerin, and my body has been trying to adjust just like the first week I was out of the hospital. I almost passed out a few times at work last week, and yesterday at the cardiologist’s office my blood pressure was 92/68, which is obviously quite low.

So I start back on the correct meds tomorrow and will have to adjust back to it. Hopefully since my pressure is already low I won’t experience the headaches like I did in December.


Have you done one of these before?
A few months after my bypass surgery, I had to do a stress test before they would okay me for returning to work (I drive for a living). The doc told me it would be a treadmill. I figured, “No problem. Treadmills are easy!” What nobody told me was that this damn treadmill gradually inclines as you go, so much so that at the end, it is like walking fast up a steep hill. Jeezus, that was real workout. I think I lasted like 7 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore. Which was good enough, I guess.

So don’t dress in warm clothes like I did. ;-)


After my older brother had a stent put in I had a physical and mentioned it to my doctor. My father had also required a stent. So the doctor said we could do it. I practiced at my gym for a couple weeks so it wouldn’t seem so strange. Normally I ride the bike.

The weird thing about a stress test is they have to have a doctor there in case you have heart troubles during the test. Sounds kind of crazy to me.


There was no doctor in there when I had mine, which I didn’t even think about at first. But five minutes into that incline, and I was looking around for one, just in case. My heart was hammering.

There were however about 4 people there that I recognized, all monitoring either me or the readouts, and all from rehab. Maybe one of them was a doctor? Are rehab people ever doctors? They all seemed young, like in their 20’s.


My first stress test had the guy administering the test and my doctor. The upcoming test will have a guy giving the test and the cardiologist will be there as well. I have always thought having a doctor there was required.


Down 41 pounds as of today. Celebrated with my Sat nite cheat meal.

Another 75-80 to lose and I’ll be happy to maintain.


Dude, that’s great! Keep it up!