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Ahhh 2019…

I still somehow have Max Payne 3 to finish ( I am in the jungle from what I last recall) and I want to start Splinter Cell Blacklist. Both are from 2013 , so I am slowly catching up! Also hope to play Witcher 3 Blood and Wine this year. Along with wanting to finish up the 4 most recent TellTale games I bought. Add in a few hundred other games I own, that I want to play if I have time.

Oh and I bought Anno 1800 so that’s my birthday present for the end of February. :)

Also I now have a dozen or so PS4 games, so after I finish RDR2 I’ll probably move into Uncharted 3 then to 4 then The Lost Legacy.

Overall the situation seems a bit like this:



In the first post in this thread I said I must remember to get to Blacklist. It’s like those time travel bits in Dishonored. Almost :)


Did you? :)


Seems so! Goddam Hadean Lands still mocks me though :(


OMG. I bought Hadean Lands directly from Zarf in what seems like ages ago. I have to admit I had all but forgotten about it. Is there no end to the shame…


Same here. It was my first kickstarter. My last too I think…


I decided I wasn’t going to stress too much in 2019 about my ever-growing backlog. I’ve realized that trying to focus on playing one or two games max to completion before moving to the next game/games is just not for me.

What was happening was that I’d force myself to play a game I was just not that into or in the mood for at the time and then end up becoming so completely turned off by it that I would consider the game a failure. But the reality is that there have been plenty of games I play for a few weeks, put down and then pick up again weeks, months, even years later and then get further enjoyment out of them after a break from some burn-out. A good example is Trails In The Sky for PSP. This JRPG received tons of acclaim so I had high expectations. I played it for about 20 hours and became completely bored with it. Continued my saved game recently after a year and managed to put 10 hours into it in one weekend and am actually enjoying it a lot this time around.

So the plan is to go back to just playing whatever i feel like playing without having the backlog over my head.

In the last two weeks I’ve played a little bit of at least 10 different titles across Xbox One, 3DS, Vita, PC and have enjoyed mostly every minute of it. Never even really got to play more than an hour of RDR2 even though I pre-ordered and highly anticipated its release. Just have not been in the mood for a western open world game so I will just get to it when I get to it.

Of course, I’m still really overwhelmed by the amount of unplayed games I have collected over the years but the new strategy is no strategy.


That’s the spirit, man. Play the game you want when you’re in the mood to play it. Let the rest take care of itself.


Quick question. If you play a game, but don’t like it, or don’t like it all that much, is that suffice to take it off your backlog?


That’s between you and your god.


I go by how much I paid for it, if its bundle fodder I give it 5 minutes to make a good impression, else its uninstalled.


This question came up before!

My answer last time:

My answer this time: Hell yes. Purge it from the backlog.

Yeah, this is the healthy attitude, I think. It’s the more expensive attitude, but the healthy one. I also go in and out of this mindset myself. Most of the year I say “Whatever man, it’s all good, I play what I want to play”, and other times I look back at everything I bought on the last sale and think “I really should make a list and at least play these briefly to see if they click with me before I buy anything else in the next sale”.


My plan is to finish Divinity: Original Sin 2 and ZeroRanger. Then I’ll play Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I might be able to squeeze Monster Hunter: World in here as well. But probably not if I play Metro: Exodus at release.

March 8th is Devil May Cry 5. I’ll play the hell out of that for 2 weeks, then take a brief break to run through Sekiro real quick. After that, it’s back to DMC5, probably for a while.

Late next year it’s back to the short backlog.


I’ve got a frontlog - waiting patiently to play Crackdown 3, Anthem and The Division 2 which all come out in a couple of weeks.


Those are the exact ones I’m looking forward to for the first half of this year. Maybe I’ll get Metro and Rage 2, but I’m kinda tired of the FPS open world genre these days.

As for my backlog, I really need to get back into Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, a game I even forgot to add to my top 5 list here.


Yeah, kind of realised my frontlog is all open world apocalypse stuff - the new Metro, Rage and Dying Light. Hmm. The thing about painfully narrow tastes is that stuff gets samey.


I think you should divide games by genres. It helps you make your decision faster. As for me, I liked this pc games list. It seems to me that every gamer knows all these games firsthand.


I never quite did it that way. I suppose it’s worth a try.

I’ll start with first person shooters.

From the top of my head, these are the ones I’m in the middle of:


Titanfall 2
Wolfenstein 2
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Shadow Warrior 2
Battlefield 1
Fallout 4 (wait, maybe this should be under RPG?)
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Third person shooter/exploration

Gears of War 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
Dead Space 2
Quantum Break
Assassin’s Creed 3

Damn, making these lists is always a good reminder that I shouldn’t buy anything in the current Steam sale.


I’ve come to the depressing realization that I will die one day before getting to enjoy every game/movie/tv series I’ve bought.

Note: Work on achieving immortality.


Just think of all the money saved from buying none of the media that will come out after your death!

Although I suppose you could get around that problem by setting up a trust of some kind.