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Of all things (God help me), with my backlog of much more recent GOOD games to play, I fired up the GOG version of (Severance:) Blade of Darkness (2001) a couple of days ago. MUCH jank in evidence which takes some getting used to. For instance, weirdly, there’s no strafing unless you’re locked on to an enemy. If you’re not, A+D just turn you (even though you’ve got a perfectly good mouse to do that with).

Still, lots of good gameplay there. This game doesn’t have ragdolling, and I like that: when you decapitate/dismember a goblin, you get a cool death animation where he stands there twitching for a second while gouts of blood spurt from his neck, then collapses. I finished the second level yesterday, and am on to the mines.

I just raised that with my Steam friend Papageno… who turns out not to be you!

That’s right, I’m Papagenox there. I guess another Magic Flute fan got to Steam first.

Deadly Premonition. Takes over from Fahrenheit as the weirdest, clunkiest… thing I’ve voluntarily endured.

17th title since start of thread back in December. So one every two weeks.

The ‘backlog’ per se is pretty much gone now. I’m never buying another old game. Farewell last gen and the gen before that and all you flawed gems and neglected masterpieces and cult classics. It’s the future for me as of now.

Although I did kickstart Pillars of Eternity, which I just finished.

No more kickstarters, ever :/

You didn’t enjoy it?

More that kickstarter is just a backlog filler-upper :)

PoE I thought was… ok. TBH I think the isometric style has had its day. It would be different if the setting and writing were well ahead of higher-tech games… but they weren’t.

I’d never played an AC game all the way thorugh before, but I managed to stick with this one until it clicked. So many systems at work (including the ‘persona’ system which I think is unique to this game), and most were either only halfway explained, slightly glitchy, or both. And as usual, once I’d mastered it, it was over.


  • Non-skippable cutscenes. WHY DO THIS? STOP IT!
  • Collectible items that only appear in one scene and can’t be retrieved outside of that scene. SAME AS ABOVE UBI.
  • Lack of non-lethal takedown options. The game has variety, but it’s all just different flavors of murder, applied liberally. Kind of makes the few times your character spare someone seem pointless.
  • Glitchy. Uncompletable quests failed to be flagged as uncompletable (lost a couple of hours to this bug). Sometimes lost the ability to interact with objects in the world, requiring a restart. My character once walked herself out of a cutscene in progress, leaving the other character talking and responding to no one. Seems like this one was not a product of the “A” team.
  • Lack of feedback. How long does it take to throw a smoke bomb? When can I blow a dart (or when is too late)? Is the A button important in combat or not? Can I loot during combat? Game’s not sayin, learn the hard way, or don’t. I didn’t get decent at the game until I got a crash course from my son who’s played all the other AC games.
  • Parkour-assist system makes it way too easy to throw yourself out into space when you wanted to do something else. Especially when climbing trees.


  • Great world-building and a credible-feeling depiction of historical New Orleans.
  • Solid art direction, writing, and voice acting. For a video game, anyway.
  • Did a good job of selling me on the idea of the franchise.
  • Very enjoyable once somebody tells you how to play the game and use all of the tools.


  • smoke bombs are overpowered, get as many in your inventory as possible and don’t run out.
  • poisoning from afar can solve a lot of problems.

So I looked away and they all came back again :/

Original Sin
Grey Goo
Dragon’s Dogma
Enderal (Mods count, surely)
Arkham Knight
The Crew (C’mon, free stuff)
AC Revelations (I realised this was the only one I hadn’t played, and just had a load of fun looking back at the most recent, er, four, and thought I’d plug this gap for cheap :)
Original Sin II (Early Access for now, so I think I get a break)

To the debackloginator!

My main ones right now:

DOOM (I recently got the chain gun, and have upgraded it some, but not all the way yet)
Rise of the Tomb Raider (currently on hiatus)
Arkham Knight (I can only have one disc in the drive at a time, so this is on hold for DOOM)
Dragon Age II
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (currently in Act III)
No Man’s Sky (happened upon a space battle where I got both sides mad at me)

Damn, that’s too many damned concurrent games. But it still felt good to type that out, so thanks for that idea Alistair.

With some big games headed our way (for me it will be Civ 6 & Planet Coaster coming out a month between the two), it seems that my back log of games is doomed!

I am embarrassed to even tell you all some of the games I still have to play.

Here are my top 10 back log games (from a list of about 40)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Prison Architect
Thea the Awakening
Endless Legend
Anno 2225
Big Pharma
The Witcher 3
The Legend of Trails in the Sky
Diablo 3

Now in my defense I have started some of the games but I do not believe that I played them thoroughly enough to be able to cross them off my backlog.

Some runner ups:
Shadowfall RPG series
Wasteland 2
Might & Magic 10 Legacy

Oh come on. XCom 2 - start there. Short-ish missions let you make tangible progress and it’s a great game. For something like The Witcher 3, well… when will you retire?

I stopped buying new releases (for the most part), a few years ago, so my entire gaming life is backlog :P With so many games available, and not enough time to play them, my “new release” definition is “hey, that AAA 3 year old game is on sale for 10 bucks”.

I’m also very old, so by the time I get done going through even half of my steam library, I’ve completely forgotten my play through of other games. I’m pretty sure I could spend the rest of my life just recycling what games I already own.

Currently stuck back into Elder Scrolls Online, which is really fantastic now. Being able to go anywhere, and have every quest be appropriate level is actually really awesome for leveling and sight seeing.

Technically, now that I think about it XCOM 2 is my son’s game on Steam! : )

Board games is where a lot of my money goes these days.

I sorted through all my old Xbox and Xbox 360 games to figure out what’s still on my backlog from these.

Here goes:


Prince of Persia: Two Thrones
Phantom Dust

Xbox 360:

  • Tomb Raider Underworld
  • Bully
  • Blazing Angels
  • F.E.A.R. 2 (by Monolith!)
  • Condemned 2: Bloodshot (by Monolith!)
  • Devil May Cry 4
  • Wolfenstein (2009 by Raven)
  • Call of Juarez
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
  • Alpha Protocol (by Obsidian!)
  • Dungeon Siege III (by Obsidian, I’m about 2/3rds through)
  • Xmen Origins: Wolverine (by Raven I think)
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (always played it multiplayer, always meant to check out singleplayer)
  • Lost Odyssey (Disc 4)
  • Blue Dragon
  • Tales of Vesperia
  • Enchanted Arms
  • Dragon Age II (just bought this last month, currently playing)

18 games on the 360, not nearly as bad a backlog as I imagined it to be. And a lot of them are relatively short first person shooters that I should be able to get through in a month or two of play time each.

Bully! I recommend playing Bully soon, it’s by far my favorite Rockstar game.

Oh hell yes, Bully is a far better game than it should have been. I mean, given that it’s about a boarding school and all. So, you know, “you got Rushmore in my GTA! No, you got GTA in my Rushmore!” kind of thing.

Can you deal with the two Xbox titles then just put that system away? A whole system gone… Wooooooo :)

Can’t put the Xbox away, what if he wanted to play Mechassault or Crimson Skies?

My backlog is embarrassing. I still haven’t played games I purchased years ago such as Baldur’s Gate II:Throne Of Bhall. Think it’s been over 8 years since I picked up that one.

And having backward compatibility on the Xbox One is a constant reminder of unfinished games. I think the number of installed 360 games on my HD is now greater than original Xbox One titles and it’s all games I probably didn’t even get half way through, in some cases, games I only popped in to try out with the intention of returning to them later, when whatever game I was playing at the time was completed.

I just started playing Dragon Quest V on the DS which I got at release…but I will likely put it down to try the DQ7 port that was just released and will likely put that down to play the DQ8 port coming soon (never did finish the PS2 version)…it’s a sickness, i tell ya. I need therapy.

I am glad i no longer own a gaming PC, my GOG backlog of classic RPGs and Strategy games is long enough!