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The Xbox is actually seeing a resurgence. My parent’s place has a SDTV in the basement, with only an Original Unmodded Xbox hooked up to it. So my nephew actually ends up down there when everyone is watching something upstairs that he doesn’t care for.

May as well wait for the Phantom Dust remastered version next year on the One now. You’ll want to play it multiplayer anyway. :)

Man, if I counted up all the games I haven’t completed, barely started, or just plain never played, that I spent real money on, I would get really sad. I just play whatever whenever now. I try not to think of any of it in terms of being backlogged.

Yeah, I’m the same way Dave. I only put together the list because I was rearranging my bookshelf, so I put all the games that I’ve yet to play on the outside so that they were easily accessible. And Pogue just reminded me on the other thread that my 360 list is a lot longer if you include games that I own through GwG. Like The Witcher 2, Hitman: Absolution, Saints Row 3, Darksiders 2, and a few others.

And I was thinking the same thing about Phantom Dust. If they do remaster it, that will be ideal. I am going to take over Crimson Skies to my parents place though, I think my nephew might enjoy that.

Enderal and The Crew dispatched, along with Revelations, and Grey Goo today.

Struggling to get back into Original Sin but I found a new map so I’m not banging my head against the wall completely there.

Battlefield is proving a distraction though, and Technomancer is a Steam dailyright now…

I managed not to bite on Technomancer and got up to the EIGHTY-FOUR hours it took me to complete Original Sin, and that was with a walkthrough from the Source Temple onward. Deary me :/ Did games used to be that hard?

I’m stepping away from MMOs and hitting the backlog.

First up, the Tomb Raider reboot.

The games I got on Black Friday and Winter sales:

Ori and the Blind Forest @

Salt & Sanctuary
Grow Up
Forza Horizon 3
Mini Metro

Brothers &
RAGE: Sorchers DLC &
Never Alone collection &
Headlander &

Just Cause 3 XL*
Witcher 3 Complete Edition*
Tomb Raider Season Pass*
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate*
Dark Souls III*

Let’s see, out of these, I’ve almost finished or finished the ones with the @ symbol.

I’ve started the ones with no symbols.

I’m not sure about continuing Salt & Sanctuary, as it’s not fun yet. I will continue the others, and hopefully soon tackle the ones with & symbol:

I guess that leaves the ones with the asterisk as more long term prospects. Once I get through the list, THEN I’m allowed to buy new games again. Okay? Okay!

(Well, maybe I’ll make an exception for the new Mass Effect?)

Can you even “finish” Mini Metro? I played it like crazy for a while on iPad, but past a certain point, I was just trying to eke out a few more points before inevitable failure.

Arkham Knight dispatched. Only remaining game is Dragon’s Dogma which I put down in the first city, and can’t really remember how to play. I don’t really fancy another brawler right now. I have the on-sale Rise of Tomb Raider and Mankind Divided in my Steam cart, but they also share some DNA with the Batman. I’m wondering if the Humble Bundle’s $12 Total Warhammer makes more sense…

Ok, so sticking only with games I’ve bought within the last few months, let me do a head count:

Started these, but are currently on hold:
PS4 - Bloodborne
PC - Tyranny
X1/PC - Forza Horizon 3
X1 - Rise of the Tomb Raider including Season Pass
PC & Android - Mini Metro - Put way too many hours into this. This is too hard for me.
360/PC - Dragon Age 2
X1 - Alien: Isolation

Completed, yaaaaay:
X1 - Ori and the Blind Forest
PC - Salt & Sanctuary - Not technically finished, but I didn’t care for it.
PC - RAGE: Sorchers DLC
X1 - Free Battlefield 1 Weekend
X1 - Free Steep Weekend

Currently Playing:
X1 - Mass Effect: Andromeda

Pushed to Backlog for now:
X1 - Brothers
X1 - Grow Up
X1 - Witcher 3 Complete Edition
X1 - Headlander
X1 - Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
X1 - Dark Souls III
X1 - Never Alone collection $3.25 (I’ve played through the main game, but was curious about the DLC)
X1 - Just Cause 3 XL
Upcoming: X1 - Free Titanfall 2 Weekend
A bunch of PS+ games recommended to me in this thread that will expire on May 27th, 2017.
Dragon Age: Inquisition through EA Access until March 2018
Battlefield 4 through EA Access until March 2018
Battlefield: Police through EA Access until March 2018
Mirror’s Edge Remake through EA Access until March 2018

Once I get through these, THEN I’m allowed to buy more games. AND NOT BEFORE DAMN IT.

I think after Andromeda, it will be nice to finally dive into Dark Souls III. I’ve taken a long enough break from the series I think.

Time estimate: I think I can finish Andromeda by beginning of May. Then play the PS+ games that will expire at the end of May, and then dive into Dark Souls III for June and July. Then in August do the indie games (Brothers, Grow Up, Headlander, Never Alone) and get back to Forza Horizon 3. In September I’ll be primed for finishing Bloodborne. October for Alien Isolation near Halloween, and Rise of the Tomb Raider, November through January I’ll be set for Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Next February I’ll be getting close to the EA Access time crunch, so it will be a good time to get into all the EA Access games like Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield 4, and others.

There, I got my year in games planned out. No deviations!

I guess I’ll have to tackle Tyranny in mid 2018 some time.

(Unless another game like Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out and veers me off course)

I too am suffering from an embarrassment of riches, even more than usual. I have a wealth of kickass sci-fi games in front of me:

Mass Effect Andromeda (currently playing)
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Titanfall 2
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

This is so great. Any of these games will keep me occupied, so long as I minimize distractions like the dangling shiny object of the Liberty City Minute achievement in GTA4. Oh well, it was fun. Mostly.

Hey @Rock8man, I am intrigued by your Halloween plan and would like to subscribe. I tried playing Alien Isolation on the 360 and kind of chickened out - brought back all those childhood memories of watching movies I probably shouldn’t have. But I’d like to give it another go, maybe if I try concurrently with your attempt, that will help motivate me.

Currently working on Max Payne 3 and RYSE Son of Rome (which I have been playing for like 2 years now.) I too am really trying to refrain from buying any new games at full price this year. :)

What is scary is between the humble monthly and a few sales here and there, I still have bought 64 games this year! D:

How many times have I said THAT to myself…and never once stuck to it! But, good luck!

Andromeda dispatched. Total Warhammer I’ll class as done for a while after sweeping the map once for dwarf-kind. Dirt Rally I’ll call done having skidded off all the courses :/ Tomb Raider was a lot of fun, Dragon’s Dogma was… something… and I managed not to buy Mankind Divided.

So free! Again.

Ha ha, what? You played a half dozen games and you have zero backlog? Dude, not to go all Crocodile Dundee but that’s not a backlog. I got games going back to the Game Boy that I plan to play. My Steam catalog is closing in on 1000 games. I’ve got over 200 on the Xbone, including back compat stuff I’ve accumulated along the way. I have no business buying new games, but I can’t stop. Can’t do it!

I’ve gotta agree, that’s really more of a backtwig.

And now it’s a backnothing. Don’t hate me cos I’m beautiful…

Now, THAT’S a backlog!

I can’t stop either. I bought a Vita two months ago to replace my dead PSP to play PSOne JRPGs and in those two months I already have about 15 games for it (divided about evenly between Vita, PSP and PSOne titles) that are on the backlog.

I know I should never have. I got the Xbox One a little over a year ago and have not managed to finish even ONE of the 7 or 8 games I bought with it. I still have not unwrapped GTA V, AC Unity and some other game I can’t remember. And thanks to GWG, the backlog continues to grow.

(blurred in case of man-back hair phobia)

I did not need to see that at this point in time. But yes, I’ve got a back forest. And I didn’t even tell you all of it - I’ve got DS and 3DS games unplayed, and even some PSP stuff - I’m a sucker for Ys games. Got my collection of original Xbox and PS2 games, but since they’ve pretty much all been played I guess maybe they don’t count. Then there’s GOG. Over a hundred games there I bet. So yeah. I like to think of them as options. I love having options.