Back Up utlity

Does anyone know of a back up utility that will let me leave it running and have it auto upload files to my webserver every night? I have a few folders I really want to make sure I have back ups of and if I could just select them in a program and have it auto FTP them that would be great!

Ideally it would only upload changed files or new files which I am sure if said program did exsist said program would already do. Anyone use a program that does this or can do this?

Yep, I use a little utility called Second Copy that does exactly that. I have it zip and upload my Subversion directory every night.

It’s got a ton of options, very configurable.

That looks pretty slick! Thanks for the tip Backov, I’ve been looking for something like that too.

So after running a quick test it seems like this will work perfect! Thanks for the help Backov I am going to buy this program right now!

Woa. This took all of 5 minutes to setup. Easily worth the $30 they’re asking.

One caveat though: it apparently uses FTP, so your password is flapping out in the wind. I didn’t see any way to use sftp either… am I missing something?

Damn I like that I can even back up network folders with this thing. Its well worth the 30 as everything I even had a hint of needed backed up gets backed up now.

I really like the feature that will back up a folder only if files have been changed. Good stuff!