I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those “awesome engine, shame about the game” type games. I’ll play more over the next few days though.

I totally agree. The concepts they’re working on are cool and the animations are unbelievably good, but I found it almost impossible to control due to the camera.

I played for about an hour this morning.

Loved it.

There is more depth than there seems at first. The line play and tackling are amazing. I loved using a pulling guard and leveling the OLB coming around the edge. The passing game seems a little week. But I think this game has tons of potential.

I’ll be buying this day one.

Bill Harris’s in-depth impressions:

Backbreaker is like dating an incredibly hot woman who has a constant problem with passing gas.

A few people on my friends list got it early and they seem to agree with Harris. Right now single player is pretty unplayable without a patch. I haven’t heard any impressions on the multiplayer yet since so few people actually have the game.

From what I’ve heard, multiplayer isn’t too bad because the major AI problems are nonexistent.

Very big patch coming soon.


The Backbreaker patch isn’t good.

It’s great.

Remember how we all wanted to like this game, and then it actually came out and we played it and said “Oh crap, this game has cancer”? And remember how 505 Games said they were working on a patch, and then they came out with a patch list that basically shat rainbows, and we all said there was no way they could pull it off?

Well, they pulled it off.

Awesome, I was waiting for Bill’s take on it. If he likes it, Backbreaker has a bright future. (At least gameplay-wise, and hopefully community-wise as well.)

…Not that I’ve ever played a sports game in my life, mind…

I wonder if the demo will be updated with this patch. I’m a sucker for Euphoria but I’m not sure about the whole handegg part.